Walk Over Me

Album: Kids In The Street (2012)
  • (Hmm, so tell me about your mother)

    Doctor, doctor
    Could you please just give me somethin' for the state I'm in
    I'm having trouble and society believe I got it wrong again
    I'm one month sober I don't think I'm getting over my predicament
    But if I jumped out of the window what would she say

    It's not on me, it's all on you
    We can't deny the things we do
    I can't believe her pretty feet walked over me
    All over me

    Help me, help me doctor
    Seems to be an awful lot for me to understand
    I know I'm not a specimen,
    The troubles and the mess I'm in
    I should be dead
    He said, let's all start think
    Then you've had all your fun
    It's time to be a man
    So you better quit your bitchin'
    Think about what the people would say

    It's not on me, it's all on you
    I can't prescribe what you want me to
    You need some sleep, you better leave
    He walked over me
    All over me

    Wait until tomorrow, and it's gone
    So long
    Wait until tomorrow, so long
    And it's gone
    Wait until tomorrow
    You beg and steal and borrow till it's gone

    (He don't got a lot but he's got all he needs)
    I need someone to love
    (And all he's got well it's all that he needs)
    Somebody help me cause I could hear the voices in the tube
    To get me through anything I do and anything will do good by me
    A little pill, a little thrill, should I take it I think I will
    And anything will do good so as long as it's always too good
    Either way I don't give a damn what you people all say
    All now boy

    It's not on me, it's all on you
    I can't deny the things I do
    I can't believe her pretty feet walked over me
    All over me

    It's not on me, it's all on you
    There comes a time to speak the truth
    So you can see me when I leave
    Walk over you
    All over you yeah Writer/s: NICK WHEELER, TYSON RITTER
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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