A Little Time

Album: Choke (1990)
Charted: 1
  • I need a little time to think it over
    I need a little space just on my own
    I need a little time to find my freedom
    I need a little

    Funny how quick the milk turns sour, isn't it, isn't it?
    Your face has been looking like that for hours, hasn't it, hasn't it?
    Promises, promises turn to dust
    Wedding bells just turn to rust

    Trust into mistrust

    I need a little room to find myself
    I need a little space to work it out
    I need a little room all alone
    I need a little

    You need a little room for your big head, don't you, don't you?
    You need a little space for a thousand beds, won't you, won't you?
    Lips that promise, fear the worst
    Tongue so sharp, the bubble burst

    Just into unjust

    I've had a little time to find the truth
    Now I've had a little room to check what's wrong
    I've had a little time, and I still love you
    I've had a little

    You had a little time and you had a little fun, didn't ya, didn't you?
    While you had yours, do you think I had none, do you, do ya?
    The freedom that you wanted bad
    Is yours for good, I hope you're glad

    Sad into unsad

    I had a little time to think it over
    Had a little room to work it out
    I found a little courage to call it off
    I've had a little time

    I've had a little time
    I've had a little time
    I've had a little time Writer/s: Dave Rotheray, Paul Heaton
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Neil from Market Harborough, EnglandNorman Heaton???
    Glad you sorted that out so it wasn't going on throughout the article, but nevertheless, still dissapointing that you even call the legend Paul, Norman in the opening of this article!!
  • Terry from Northampton, EnglandIt takes A Little Time to figure out if this is a good song or not.I've decided that,yes,it is a good song.I had to think things over.
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