Strange Attraction

Album: Wild Mood Swings (1996)
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  • It started with a dedication
    "Lost in admiration - happy birthday - I'm forever yours - Blossom"
    Faded red inside a tiny book of butterflies
    I smiled, surprised at how when flickered through
    The wings flew by spelled out my name

    Six months went by, the summer lost
    Obsessively the letters dropped into my life
    The same soft, blood, smooth flowing hand
    "Please try to understand: I have to see you, have to feel you
    Tell you all the ways I need you; yours forever in love..."

    Strange attraction spreads it's wings
    It varies but the smallest things
    You never know how anything will change
    Strange attraction spreads it's wings
    And alters but the smallest things
    You never know how anything will fade

    The year grew old, incessantly she wrote to me
    She'd started smoking poetry!
    I laughed in recognition of a favorite phrase
    She'd pulled me in
    I answered her
    A Christmas card, in sepia
    Arranging when and where
    And how the two of us should meet

    Her opening so well prepared
    A nervous smile
    I couldn't take my eyes from her
    She whispered
    "Can I use some of your lipstick?"
    It was perfect, so believable
    I couldn't help but feel that it was real
    And kissing crimson fell into her waiting arms


    So alone into the cold; new year without another word from her
    I wrote to ask if we could maybe meet again before the spring
    But weeks went by with no reply until once more my birthday came
    And with it my surprise, but this time nothing was the same

    "I'm sorry - blame infatuation - blame imagination
    I was sure you'd be the one, but I was wrong
    It seems reality destroys our dreams - I won't forget you - Blossom"
    Faded red inside a tiny book of old goodbyes

    Strange attraction spreads it's wings
    It varies but the smallest things
    You never know how anything will change
    Strange attraction spreads it's wings
    And alters but the smallest things
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  • Hailerz from Silverton, OrYo Paul from Arizona? I'm only thirteen but I have done research on EVERYTHING there is to know about the greatest band of all time, The Cure. I once read in a Robert Smith interview that songs like "Strange Attraction" meaning, songs about losing love, are fictional fears he has about losing his wife Mary. Whom he married in '89 and met when he was fourteen :) How'd I do?
  • Betto from Ciudad De México, MexicoEl amor por correspondencia es sumamente peligroso ya que se elevan las expectativas y, al momento de conocerse físicamente, la atracción frecuentemente se esfuma.
  • Paul from Tucson, AzWAIT correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Robert Smith married already? Why would he write a song about a relationship even though he's already married?
  • Ali from Wine, Care think this song...hmm. i just did.

    this is weird. its two people...used to like eachother?
    at the beginning it says that a dedication was made, i guess on "Roberts" birthday (as it says later the song...), and the woman says that shes forever his. they have a great time, doing whatever they did, and they love eachother...but its been a long time and they decide to meet again.
    during the meeting he totally loves her but i guess things didnt go too well because he asks too see her again and she never responds. and its his birthday again...and dissapointment comes...because nothing had changed
  • Tamalee from Cornelius, OrFor me, the song was about someone who developed a crush on someone (Robert Smith I'm assuming since she asked to borrow his lipstick)and was disappointed in the reality when she met him.
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