In The Still Of The Nite

Album: In the Still of the Nite (1956)
Charted: 24
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  • In the still of the night
    I held you, held you tight
    'Cause I love, love you so
    Promise I'll never let you go
    In the still of the night
    In the still of the night

    I remember (I remember) that night in May
    The stars (the stars) were bright above
    I'll hope and I'll pray
    To keep your precious love

    Well before the light
    Hold me again
    With all of your might
    In the still of the night
    In the still of the night

    So before the light
    Hold me again with all of your might
    In the still of the night
    In the still of the night
    In the still of the night

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn this day in 1960 {August 13th} Dion and the Belmonts performed Cole Porter's "In the Still of The Night"* on the ABC-TV program, 'The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show'...
    At the time "In the Still of The Night" was at #46 on Billboard's Top 100 chart, the following week it peaked at #38 {for 1 week} and it spent seven weeks on the Top 100...
    Between 1958 and 1960 the N.Y.C. trio had nine records on the Top 100 chart, two made the Top 10, "A Teenager In Love" for one week in May of 1959, and "Where or When" for one week in February of 1960...
    In 1959 their "Every Little Thing I Do" peaked at #48, and the record's flip-side, "A Lover's Prayer", reached #73 on the Top 100...
    Trio member Carlo Mastrangelo passed away at the age of 78 on April 4th, 2016...
    May he R.I.P.
    * And from the 'For What It's Worth' department, earlier in 1960 on January 25th the completely different doo-wop version of "In The Still of The Nite" by The Five Satins peaked at #81 and that was also it's fourth and final week on the Top 100...
    Four years earlier in 1956 it originally peaked at #24, and in 1961 it entered the Top 100 for a third time, for one week at position #99...
  • Marcia from Modesto, CaIt's not just the soulful lyrics that draw me to this but the heart wrenching voice of the singer and the tender melody. Hearing it again after so many years brings me back to my youth as a teen in the head spinning under the soft lights at the community Center dance every Friday as I longed for the bad boy I used to daydream about..tall and blond...a loner who dressed like what we called a "hood".

    Tonight as I listened to it again in 2019 I felt that same sweet longing as I turned to my guy ..still young and muscular..and as he held me in his arms I found myself lost in the the still of the night you hold me so tight, and with his hard muscular arms wrapped around me, Kissing his chest and lost in the song, I felt what the Satins meant knowing that in the still of the night there was also the soft vulnerability and passion even a strong man would succumb to before and after holding his lover tight.

    Love and passion and songs like this pull it all together. Oh what the still of the night holds for lovers! I hope your life is a wonderland of passion....make it happen.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn February 21st 1982, "Memories of Days Gone By {Medley}" by Fred Parris and the Five Satins entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #89; it stayed on the chart for 5 weeks, peaking at #71...
    And the final song in the medley was the Five Satin's own "In the Still of the Night"; it made the Top 100 on three different occasions, in 1956 it peaked at #24, then in 1960 it reached #81, and in 1961 it made the Top 100 for one week at position #99.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn January 12th 1964,* Santo and Johnny's instrumental covered version of "In the Still of the Nite" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #93; eventually it peaked at #58 and spent 7 weeks on the Top 100...
    Between 1959 and 1964 the duo, who were brothers, had six Top 100 records; with one making the Top 10 and it reached #1, "Sleep Walk", for two weeks on September 21st, 1959...
    * And also on January 12th, 1964 the Beatles debut on the Top 100 when "I Want to Hold Your Hand" entered the chart at #45.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyThe Five Satins released this song three different times; first in 1956 & it peaked at #24, then in 1960 & it peaked at #81, and finally in 1961 & it just barely made the Top 100, peaking at #99!!!
  • Mark from El Paso, TxLillian Robinson!...Where are you??!!
  • Dick from Philly, PaWas recorded in St.Bernadette Parish Hall in EAST Haven,CT.
    Originally released on Standord(w/an O)as #6106A.Label also states "side 1".It was never intended to be a "B" side.In fact,The Jones Girl was written sitting on the stage at St. B. after they had an acceptable take of "NIGHT".
    Legal title is: I'll Remember(In the Still of the Night)to differentiate it from the 1936 Cole Porter song.
    There are over 60 cover versions ranging from soul to country to disco!
  • Henry from Kingston, NyI can't believe no one's commented on this yet. Probably the prototype for all doo-wop to come after it. Wonderful song.
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