Stay Positive

Album: Stay Positive (2008)
  • I've got a lot of old friends that're getting back in touch
    And it's a pretty good feeling yea it feels pretty good
    I get a lot of double takes when I'm coming round the corners
    And its mostly pretty nice its mostly pretty alright

    'Cause most kids give me credit for being down with it
    When it was back in the day back when things were way different
    When the youth of today and the early seven seconds
    Taught me some of lifes most valuable lessons

    There's gonna come a time when the scene will seem less sunny
    It'll probably get druggy and the kids will seem to skinny
    There's gonna come a time when shes gonna have to go
    With whoevers gonna get her the highest

    There's gonna come a time when the true scene leaders
    Forget where they differ and get big picture
    'cause the kids at their shows, they'll have kids of their own
    The sing-a-long songs will be our scriptures

    We gotta stay positive
    We gotta stay positive
    We gotta stay positive
    We gotta stay positive

    When the chaperon crowned us the king and the queen
    I knew that we'd arrived at a unified scene
    And all those little lambs from my dreams
    Well they were there too

    'Cause its one thing to start it with a positive jam
    And its another thing to see it all through
    And we couldn't of even done this if it wasn't for you

    We gotta stay positive
    We gotta stay positive
    We gotta stay positive Writer/s: CRAIG FINN, TAD KUBLER
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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