Bad Habit

  • Hey man you know I'm really okay
    The gun in my hand will tell you the same
    But when I'm in my car
    Don't give me no crap

    'Cause the slightest thing and I just might snap
    When I go driving I stay in my lane
    But getting cut off makes me insane
    I open the glove box

    Reach inside
    I'm gonna wreck this fucker's ride
    I guess I got a bad habit
    And it ain't goin' away Yeah

    Well they say the road's a dangerous place
    If you flip me off I'm the danger you'll face
    You drive on my ass
    You're foot's on the gas

    And your next breath is your last
    Drivers are rude
    Such attitudes
    But when I show my piece

    Complaints cease
    Something's odd
    I feel like I'm God
    You stupid dumb shit god damn mother fucker

    I open the glove box
    Reach inside
    I'm gonna wreck this fucker's ride Writer/s: RON WELTY, GREG KRIESEL, KEVIN WASSERMAN, DEXTER HOLLAND
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.,
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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