Love Is Strong

Album: Voodoo Lounge (1994)
Charted: 14 91
  • Your love is strong and you're so sweet
    You make me hard, you make me weak
    Love is strong and you're so sweet
    And someday babe, we got to meet

    A glimpse of you was all it took
    A stranger's glance, it got me hooked
    And I followed you across the stars
    I looked for you in seedy bars

    What are you scared of, baby?
    It's more than just a dream
    I need some time
    We make a beautiful team, a beautiful team

    Well, love is strong and you're so sweet (you're so sweet)
    And someday babe, we got to meet (got to meet)
    Just anywhere out in the park
    Out on the street and in the dark

    I followed you through swirling seas
    Down darkened woods with silent trees
    Your love is strong and you're so sweet (you're so sweet)
    You make me hard, you make me weak

    What are you scared of, baby?
    It's more than just a dream
    I need some time
    We make a beautiful team, beautiful

    I wait for you until the dawn
    My mind is ripped, my heart is torn
    Your love is strong and you're so sweet
    Your love is bitter and taken neat

    Love is strong, yeah (you're so sweet)
    (Got to meet) Love is strong, oh
    (You're so sweet) you're so sweet, yeah
    (Got to meet) strong
    (You're so sweet) got to meet, got to meet
    (You're so sweet)
    (You're so sweet)
    (Got to meet)
    (You're so sweet) Writer/s: Keith Richards, Mick Jagger
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Flavio Fagundes Ferreira from Brazilthe most important thing is this clip,,the stunning models are totally ignorated,,,a shame...the human material in art is ever forgeted.
  • Tank from Goldsboro, NcMy love for the Stones, is strong...The whole Voodoo album was a great show that they still have a lot of rockin left in their old bones.
  • Marissa from Akron, OhIs this song really that recent? Wow, I only heard it on Forty Licks. It's really one of my favorites. Why is it always the ugliest people that make the sexiest music??
  • Susan from Toronto, CanadaGreat song. It reminds me of the Cramps' HUMAN FLY.
  • Patrick from Greenville, Scthough the Stones albums post '81 (or even '78) don't have the multitude of classics that the old ones do, there's always that one (maybe two) real classic. Voodoo Lounge has "Love Is Strong."
  • Paul from Kahului, Hi"Love is Stong" by the Stones and "Wicked as It Seems" , by Keith Richards are basically the same song riffs. Check it out
  • Craig from Melbourne, AustraliaLamest music videos ever? Nah, Mellencamp had that sown up. This is one of the Stones best clips! It won video of the year, too. The theme of the video has been copied many times since.
  • Sam from Shanghai, ChinaThis is such a great song. It's got that raw groove that's been missing since the days of Exile on Main Street, but it's still completely different. Great weaving and blending of all the different instruments, and Mick's vocals are so dark and threatening. I love it.
  • Josh from Las Vegas, Nvi saw the video on beavis and butthead
  • Jacquie from Sparks, NvActually, Angelina Jolie is not in this video. She is, however, in the video for the Stones' song "Anybody Seen My Baby?"
  • Xx from Whakatane, Hong KongBest rocker from Voodoo Lounge(Out of Tears is the best song); still not the comeback we fans are waiting for.

    How come the best band of all time makes some of the lamest music videos ever?
  • Mr. Chimp from Brno, Czech RepublicAngelina Jolie played in video of this song.
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