I'll Never Find Another You

Album: Live at the Talk of the Town (1965)
Charted: 1 4
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  • There's a new world somewhere
    They call the promised land
    And I'll be there someday
    If you could hold my hand
    I still need you there beside me
    No matter what I do
    For I know I'll never find another you

    There is always someone
    For each of us, they say
    And you'll be my someone
    Forever and a day
    I could search the whole world over
    Until my life is through
    But I know I'll never find another you

    It's a long, long journey
    So stay by my side
    When I walk through the storm
    You'll be my guide, be my guide
    If they gave me a fortune
    My pleasure would be small
    I could lose it all tomorrow
    And never mind at all
    But if I should lose your love, dear
    I don't know what I'd do
    For I know I'll never find another you

    But if I should lose your love, dear
    I don't know what I'd do
    For I know I'll never find another you
    Another you, another you Writer/s: TOM SPRINGFIELD
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Juan Concha from Calama , ChilrIn the Australian Farrewell Tour show 2013 they change a line:
    I"ll still need your help beside me
    Instesd of
    I"ll still need you there beside me
    For me there is a lot of difference between needing your help and needing you beside me
  • Ts from New JerseyMy boyfriend and I would sing this song as we were driving somewhere. When we get to the part "I'll never find another you", we would face each other to sing that part of the song. I cry now when I hear it because he passed on a year ago. I know I'll never find another you (him).
  • Boo Blue from KyThis brings back an innocent/happy time, I was such a little girl. I woke up this morning singin this song, do not know why. Memories of a younger, happier time. Beautiful.
  • Gareth from UkGreat tune, Slim Whiteman did a very nice cover.
  • Average Joe from The StatesSuprised, even at 1st glance of the group's name alone, & then to hear the lyrics, was this not one of those "closet" Christian songs that the writer didn't feel he could get on anyone's playlist if they went ahead and identified the person the lyrics are about? Sounds like they are talking about Jesus. GREAT song, & love the lyrics. If they were "seeking" as the group's name indicates, are the lyrics, what they found as the answer to their seeking? Kind of hard not, to make the connection.
  • Gene Klingbeil from Burnsville, Mn.Love this song!
  • Robert from TennesseeThis was out when I met my first love. Will never forget her or judith. Great great great song!!!!
  • Baz from Manchester UkBrilliant song ..... the groups harmony is fantastic, Judith Durham is a goddess, The Seekers forever.
  • Paul Bwalya from ZambiaI love this type of music. The Golden Oldies. Thanks alot.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn August 31st 1969, Sonny James performed "I'll Never Find Another You" on the CBS-TV program 'Hee Haw'...
    Two years earlier in 1967 it peaked at #1 on Billboard's Hot Country Singles chart; it was the second in a string of an amazing sixteen #1 records on the country chart by Mr. James...
    The #1s started with "Need You" in 1967 and ended with "Here Comes Honey Again" in 1971...
    'The Southern Gentleman' celebrated his 87th birthday three months ago May 1st {2015}.
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxA college roommate of mine almost ruined this one for me, saying that certain fraternaties there should replace the word "you" with "ewe."
  • Peter Steele from Medicine Hat Ab, AbThis is my favorite song of all time...I cry EVERYTIME that I hear it...the melody goes right through my body and I stop everything I am doing when I hear this song...if I ever get married this will be my Wedding Song
  • Sara from Eckerty, InI first heard this song when I was 10 years old, it remains one of my favorite.
  • Tony from Levittown, PaHello,
    Judith Durham is my favorite singer ever. And as two other people have stated here, she is incredibly Blessed with the best voice of any woman I have ever heard or ever will here, at least on this planet. Thank you.
  • Charlie from Cape Girardeau, MoDitto the previous comments about Judith Durham and chord structure. The harmonies and the nice 12-string guitar riff make this a hauntingly beautiful song.
  • Vicki from Houston, TxJudith has the most beautiful voice, she is blessed to sound like that.
  • Derek from Cambridge, New ZealandJudith Durham was a legend ,and still is! Her voice is superb, and summed up the 60s in the UK. Always makes me think of Carnaby Street and the King's Road in Chelsea, London.
  • Jim from Adelaide, AustraliaThe chord structure has a hymnal quality, when one analyzes it technically. The lyrics may give a clue as well - new world, long journey, stay by my side.
  • Howard from St. Louis Park, MnJudith Durham put a lot into the song. She was also the key to Georgy Girl becoming The Seekers biggest hit.
  • Johnny from Bridgeport, OhGreat,song,greatlyrics.Judith Durham got the best voice of any women I ever heard.She can really belt it out like no other.You should here her sing 'Danny Boy'
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