Album: Heartworms (2017)
  • La-la-la

    Well I guess I'm just here to test your patience
    'Cause you're so smart my tricks don't work at all
    Is it my lack of education? Just tell me why
    You never call

    Behind your symmetry lies a fundamental difference
    There are those who own the minds and those who crawl
    No offense but, in between the lines I'm reading
    Look out for your own, and you're gonna look at me that way

    And it's true
    So what can I do?

    Everything you get's slowing your affection (what can I do?)
    And maybe impress you with a song (what can I do?)
    I'm trying to minimize the damage done 'cause there ain't no one like you

    I found that postcard from that trip you took to Thailand
    I remember studying all the words written in your pretty hand
    The little lines and little curls that held a sacred meaning
    Or so I thought, but I had it wrong

    Now I'm trying to figure out when it was you gave me these heartworms
    I feel them wriggling in my blood, gonna do me harm
    By now I'd rather lose this losing feeling that came on when you cooled off
    Started treating me in this friendly way

    And it's true
    So what can I do?

    Oh won't you be still for a moment (what can I do?)
    So I can push a feather through your heart (what can I do?)
    I'm trying to minimize damage done 'cause there ain't no one like you

    So what can I do?

    When I get lonely to distraction (what can I do?)
    Maybe impress you with a song (what can I do?)
    No reason waiting round in your saddest dream, it never came true

    La-la-la Writer/s: James Russell Mercer
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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