Red Army Blues

Album: A Pagan Place (1984)
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  • When I left my home and my family
    My mother said to me
    "Son, it's not how many Germans you kill that counts
    It's how many people you set free!"
    So I packed my bags
    Brushed my cap
    Walked out into the world
    Seventeen years old
    Never kissed a girl
    Took the train to Voronezh
    That was as far as it would go
    Changed my sacks for a uniform
    Bit my lip against the snow
    I prayed for mother Russia
    In the summer of '43
    And as we drove the Germans back
    I really believed
    That God was listening to me
    We howled into Berlin
    Tore the smoking buildings down
    Raised the red flag high
    Burnt the reichstag brown
    I saw my first American
    And he looked a lot like me
    He had the same kinda farmer's face
    Said he'd come from some place called Hazzard, Tennessee
    Then the war was over
    My discharge papers came
    Me and twenty hundred others
    Went to Stettiner for the train
    Kiev! said the commissar
    From there your own way home
    But I never got to Kiev
    We never came by home
    Train went north to the Taiga
    We were stripped and marched in file
    Up the great Siberian road
    For miles and miles and miles and miles
    Dressed in stripes and tatters
    In a gulag left to die
    All because Comrade Stalin was scared that
    We'd become too westernized!
    Used to love my country
    Used to be so young
    Used to believe that life was
    The best song ever sung
    I would have died for my country
    In 1945
    But now only one thing remains
    But now only one thing remains
    But now only one thing remains
    But now only one thing remains
    The brute will to survive! Writer/s: MICHAEL SCOTT
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Luna from PolandAmazing song. Together with "a Pagan Place" they make the whole album achieve greatness
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