The Hardest Button To Button

Album: Elephant (2003)
Charted: 23
  • We started living in an old house
    My ma gave birth and we were checking it out
    It was a baby boy
    So we bought him a toy
    It was a ray gun
    And it was 1981

    We named him 'Baby'
    He had a tootache
    He started crying
    It sounded like an earthquake
    It didn't last long
    Because I stopped it
    I grabbed a rag doll
    And stuck some little pins in it

    Now we're a family
    And we're alright now
    We got money and a little place
    To fight now
    We don't know you
    And we don't owe you
    But if you see us around
    I got something else to show you

    Well it's easy when you don't know better
    You think it's sleazy?
    Then put it in a short letter
    We keep warm
    But there's just something wrong
    When you
    Just feel like you're the hardest button to button

    I had opinions
    That didn't matter
    I had a brain
    That felt like pancake batter
    I got a backyard
    With nothing in it
    Except a stick
    A dog
    And a box with something in it

    The hardest button to button Writer/s: Jack White
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 5

  • James from Murray, IaAwsome vid
  • Dan from Poulsbo, Wai had opinions that didnt matter.

    thats the story of my life
  • /alix\ from Pinkerton, MiPsshh, this should be my theme-song.
  • Mirna from Portoviejo, Ecuadortheres a parody of the video in an episode of the simpsons...
  • Nick from Edmonton, Canadathis music video is creative and great
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