Black Rose

Album: Black Rose - A Rock Legend (Roisin Dubh) (1979)
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  • Tell me the legends of long ago
    When the kings and queens would dance in the realm of the Black Rose
    Play me the melodies I want to know
    So I can teach my children, oh

    Pray tell me the story of young Cuchulainn
    How his eyes were dark his expression sullen
    And how he'd fight and always won
    And how they cried when he was fallen

    Oh tell me the story of the Queen of this land
    And how her sons died at her own hand
    And how fools obey commands
    Oh tell me the legends of long ago

    Where the mountains of Mourne come down to the sea
    Will she no come back to me
    Will she no come back to me
    Oh Shenandoah I hear you calling

    Far away you rolling river
    Roll down the mountain side
    On down on down go lassie go
    Oh Tell me the legends of long ago

    When the kings and queens would dance in the realms of the Black Rose
    Play me the melodies so I might know
    So I can tell my children, oh
    My Roisin Dubh is my one and only true love

    It was a joy that Joyce brought to me
    While William Butler waits
    And Oscar, he's going Wilde
    Ah sure, Brendan where have you Behan?

    Looking for a girl with green eyes
    My dark Rosaleen is my only colleen
    That Georgie knows Best
    But Van is the man

    Starvation once again
    Drinking whiskey in the jar-o
    Synge's Playboy of the Western World
    As Shaw, Sean I was born and reared there

    Where the Mountains of Mourne come down to the sea
    Is such a long, long way from Tipperary Writer/s: DP, GARY MOORE, PHILIP PARRIS LYNOTT
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Nick from Ireland The provisional IRA was not started by an Englishman, the provisional IRA was founded in 1969 due to a split in the IRA. Lynott may have technically been born in England but was an Irishman. As his mother was Irish, he could have claimed Irish citizenship if he lived in England and never set foot in Ireland, as it was he was raised in Ireland. As he said himself: When I'm in England, I say, I'm from Ireland. When I'm in Ireland, I say, I'm from Dublin. When I'm in Dublin, I say, I'm from Crumlin. When I'm in Crumlin, I say, Leighlin Road. When I'm in Leighlin Road, I say, I'm a Lynott." Roisin Dubh is a 16th century poem and the name was a metaphor for Ireland.
  • AnonymousHi Paul - If they danced upon the black rose before the English came how can the colour black signify English tyranny if it was a black rose before they got there??
  • Roddie from Waterford, IrelandA third irony in Lynott's life was to be the death of him; he had been lined up to play Hendrix in a biopic; Lynott bore a striking facial resemblance to the legendary guitarist.
  • Paul from Dublin, IrelandThis great song is about Ireland. Roisín Dúbh, or Black Rose, is an ancient name for Ireland, the Rose symbolising the beauty of the land, the Black symbolising the tyranny of the English Occupation. The line 'When the kings and queens were dancing around on the Black Rose' is a reference to Ireland before the English came. he mentions many old Irish heroes, including Cuculain, a legendary Celtic warrior. Although Philo was born in England, he was a proud Irishman. The line from the same song 'Ah sure Seán, I was born and raised there' is a reference to this. He was also a big Manchester United fan, and was actually once bought a £5 share in the club as a birthday present. Today he's still recognised as one of the great Irish singer/songwriters, and his music is as popular today as ever.
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