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  • The chromosomes divide,
    multiply and thrive
    And the strong survive,
    and the strong survive
    And a spaceman fucked an ape
    then cut out on the date
    and now it's much too late
    The space ship has escaped

    We're lacking something,
    something good
    Is this all for nothing,
    Show me the goods,
    something good

    The chromosomes divide,
    multiply and thrive
    And the strong survive
    And the strong survive
    And the grandson of an alien
    wears his snake skin boots
    And shows his reptile roots
    He shows his reptile roots

    We're lacking something,
    something good
    Is this all for nothing,
    Show me the goods,
    something good
    Boom tick tick
    and who skipped
    the long play
    Who skipped the record
    and who amped what you say
    I want to sing a song that's my own
    I want to the DJ

    We're lacking something,
    something good
    Is this all for nothing,
    Show me the goods,
    something good

    And it's alright,
    It's a long night,
    a long night,
    It's a long night
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  • Chelle from Hilo, Cait could even be about an asteroid bringing ET DNA or bacteria to earth to start the whole process of evolution...
  • Chelle from Hilo, Cahahaha... i love this song... esplly love the "a spaceman f@cked an ape, then cut out on the date, now it's far too late"...
  • Kristi from Houston, TxI have been reading books by Zechariah Sitchin on the Nephilim and Annunaki since I was 19 years old. I even owned the 3EB blue cd but didnt listen to the song close enough. When I was about 22 or 23 in 2003 I had had a few beers and was driving home, I guess it made me listen to the song more carefully, and the lightbulb went off. No wonder I liked 3EB so much. They believed the same things I did. There is a whole bunch of crap out there that the Nephilim are reptiles. Go to Genesis 6 and read the origin of the Nephilim. Also know as the ancient Sumerians, they took homo erectus and interbred in order to create slaves who had the skills and more capabilities to do the hard labor on this planet. They called him Edama, which also means man of Red Earth as Adam does. It talks about it in Genesis and in their texts. The Pyramids are aligned as if for air traffic control. And the Egyptians were way after them. There is a evolutionary milisecond that goes from primitive man to modern man in 35,000 years which is evolutionarily impossible. The snakeskin boots to me symbolize their deciet, and the insight into war, and their other deviant ways that we inherited therafter... Think about it. We "walked" with God. They say that as if he was here. The God got up and left and stopped talking to people? Think about it...and check out the sitchin books, starting with the earth chronicles. They are worth reading. And Jorge...I agree with Max, wow, I am speechless.
  • Mark from Chicago, IlI listened to this song maybe 50 times, and then one day in bio class we learned about evolution. everything finally started to click. im sharing the bleeped version with my teacher. thanks for confirming my thought that about what the song was about
  • Nate from Aurora, Ilgreat song. im an ENORMOUS alien believer...thats my meaning of living if I have one. I too have heard of the greys..and the zeta reticulans...
    I hate people who say believing in aliens is dumb but they believe whatever the government says...
  • Max from Austin, TxOk, wow. Um... "the jorge"? You do know that there is a secret way to see in dark places without electricity. It's a magical invention called FIRE. I think you've been living in the city too long.
    But actually there are ancient paintings all over the world that have aliens depicted as having black almond-shaped eyes, large heads, and frail bodies. They're called "greys". It's how we go the depiction of the common alien image.
  • The Jorge from Hell, OtherThere is proof behind the theory about this, which I do believe. I forgot a lot of it, but I do remember that in ancient Egyptian pyramids there were heiroglyphs(sp?) of a giant reptile ordering the ancient Egyptians to carry a large lightbulb-like thing. Inside the lightbulb there was a snake, the Egyptian god of energy, acting as a filament. That explains how the heiroglyphs were made in these dark caves long before we learned to utilize electricity. There is a whole lot more evidence but I haven't looked into it in awhile and can't think of it off the top of my head.
  • Emma from Nt, AustraliaI come from a place called darwin named after charles darwin so, yer
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