Animal I Have Become

Album: One-X (2006)
Charted: 60
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  • I can't escape this hell
    So many times I've tried
    But I'm still caged inside
    Somebody get me through this nightmare
    I can't control myself

    So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
    No one would ever change this animal I have become
    Help me believe it's not the real me
    Somebody help me tame this animal
    (This animal, this animal)

    I can't escape myself
    (I can't escape myself)
    So many times I've lied
    (So many times I've lied)
    But there's still rage inside
    Somebody get me through this nightmare
    I can't control myself

    So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
    No one would ever change this animal I have become
    Help me believe it's not the real me
    Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
    Help me believe it's not the real me
    Somebody help me tame this animal

    Somebody help me through this nightmare
    I can't control myself
    Somebody wake me from this nightmare
    I can't escape this hell

    (This animal, this animal, this animal)
    (This animal, this animal, this animal, this animal)

    So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
    No one will ever change this animal I have become
    Help me believe it's not the real me
    Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
    Help me believe it's not the real me
    Somebody help me tame this animal
    (This animal I have become) Writer/s: Adam Gontier, Barry Stock, Brad Walst, Gavin Brown, Neil Sanderson
    Publisher: HYVETOWN MUSIC INC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 41

  • Gabriel T. from ConnecticutI’ve been dealing with heavy intrusive thoughts, and when I heard the song I immediately thought of it. ‘Help me believe its not the real me’ has an entirely different meaning to me than most people, even its a vivid lyric otherwise
  • Mm from NjThis song is about coming to the harsh reality that you have turned into something that you are ashamed of. In a sense, the previous version of the "normal" you would have completely disapproved of the thing you have become. And unfortunately you don't have the strength to get back to your better self. I guess it could be drugs, dishonesty, infidelity or any other source of inner discord. The silver lining is that at least the lyrics wold indicate that you are aware of the change, acknowledge the need to reform, but need help to do so.
  • Maria from San Diego It sounds like a person with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) or BPD (Boarderline Personality Disorder). This could be their anthem.
  • Mm from SvkI've diagnosed with BPD and this song is like anthem to my life, so maybe some mental health disease as well
  • Zoe from Peru, Massachusetts I love this song so much!! To me its about someone who makes a ton of trouble, he wants it to stop, he needs help, but he knows its just apart of him. I am still going to be a monster even if I get help so...
  • Giovanna from New Alexandria, PaI'm a beast no matter what but I'm trying my best to control myself. Why am I so evil? HA HA HA (evil smile).
  • Zack from Noblesville, InThe hate of people the love and denial of anger the use of that inhumanity in a person can do to others and become useful even when you don't want it to be. The pain it causes is is sustaining and warm however it is not comforting to others.
  • Hayes from Newark, OhThis song reminds me of "soul eater".

    It also reminds me of "Monster" by skillet.
  • Zack from Noblesville, InThe inability to change without being with someone. The hurt that comes with not being able to change those of us that are animals have a few human aspects like love with out reason and other small things.

    For to change you have to want to change. I want to but cant because the motivation is gone...

    She is gone it caused me to revert to the inhuman demented sadistic animal that is bottled up in me like the video game the darkness its like that in my case. For as the animal becomes strong the eventual take over of the mind and body come to the point that "it" controls every aspect of existence such as sleeping with random
    floozies and sluts in order to fill the "beasts" hunger for rage and fulfilling its will not what is known to be right. the pain "it" brings is untold and evil yet sustaining and wonderful.
  • Allison from Charlotte, NcOh jeez I post the ginormous comment and not a single word about what this song means....just my stupid complaining.

    It's about anger at youself, being out of control. It's about comparing ourselves to what we really are, though we try to hide it--we're all animals...but we're also human? I'm not quite even sure what the line between "human" and animal is anymore in this wacked out world. It's about being someone you hate but can't change, don't know how to change, and scarily...sometimes don't always want to change. It's really a great mass of feelings about what being human really is--conflicting and complicated.

    It feels so good to lash out...but it's never worth the guilt afterwards. If you don't feel any guilt, you've obviously been raised in a messed up household(s)
    I want to kill myself, but not being brave enough or stupid enough to do it...this song is really just about plodding along when you've reached a new low, when you feel like dying, but don't have enough courage to kill're beyond the point of caring, unless someone can fish the humanity out of the primal mind that has become you. Life has become a glorified hell, and the cage is the whole world.
  • Allison from Charlotte, NcHeh, was wondering more about this song, so I went so far to research the meaning...even though it's painfully obvious to me.

    'Tis quite a wacked out world nowadays--we make up chemicals to help people, those thing don't work out and become addictions, we make more chemicals, more addictions, try to stop addictions with rehab, half the people don't wanna got there...gods.
    I can relate to this's basically the sum of my existence at the moment--I sign up for everything, not because I like the stress, but to get away from my oppressive "home." Tried running away once. Didn't work out at all, got yelled at more, and now my parents have something else to reference when I've bent the rules once more. It's really funny...we humans claim to be so superior, then scientists study us like animals...and we're categorized as "mammals" in the primate family (or is it genus? I've gotta look it up again.)
    I guess I have my own addiction--books. I read while walking, in class, during break, during lunch, in recess, online, during class, walking, in the bus, in the car (even though my mom tells me not to) you get the idea. I think all our vices really are just addictions that end up controlling us, whether it be drugs, alcohol, power, money....or in my case, books...and scarily, I like hurting myself. No, I'm not a cutter (jeez, so scared I'll slice myself with a knife when cutting veggies, I'd scream to death if I was a cutter.) It's just...I dunno, punching walls and people (NOT A GOOD IDEA ALLISON) but just that sharp moment....but my hands have to be in top shape for piano and violin playing, so I use my feet a lot...I dunno why, but when people react and hurt me, I feel good....gods I'm so messed up. I have no idea if this would be related to being a cutter or not...but either way, pain is pain. No pain, no gain.
    I hate myself...but I keep up a front for my siblings. They deserve better than what I really am, and when I'm alone, I can read, or listen to music like this, and sing along...what's so beautiful about this song is I can sing it, and people will just assume I just really like the song...but really, it's almost like it was written for me (not trying to be selfish.) It just fits so perfectly, it's almost unreal. Oh what irony that I found it from one of my various readings....

    I am an animal. You are an animal. We're all creatures (tho as an athiest, I don't believe we're "created" from God...if there was God, why would the world be so messed up?) As an animal, I reserve the rights to behave like one even though I'm supposed to act "human" whatever that is these days. Nothing makes sense anymore with the American slang and attitude and culture messing up everything. From the land of dreams to the one that poisons everyone. Oh the irony...
    This is my shout out to all the people who admit they have their addictions. We all have them, it's our way of escaping the mess we call Earth. Thanks for reading this jumbo, wish I had enough courage to show this to my parents, my prison guards.

    I hate my school. I went from a safe haven in Davidson that was almost perfect to the hell that's my school now, with a mess for a year, and half the time I'm not quite sure what's going on. I'm not being racist, but all you whites and blacks (ergh, I HATE using those terms, but no one ever listens if I say it politically correct) need to start actually thinking for yourselves instead of for others. I've read this one parenting book (don't judge me, ok? I wanted to see if my parents had actually read the book they bought--apparently they didn't.) and it talks about changing yourself, and passive and aggressive parents. Passive give into everything and try to avoid conflict--these are the people who spawn spoiled brats. Aggressive parents put thoughts into people's heads for them (Did you practice piano? No. Do you care about this *** house? No. You don't care about anything! What's wrong with you?!) and these people spawn the rebels and non-caring persons. Then the active (proactive?) parents are the one who discipline through teaching. That's what discipline really should be---not punishment, teaching about why this thing is wrong, and keep teaching it, cuz us kids want to make sure you're sure of the limits. I honestly don't take my parents siriusly anymore cuz they don't ever mean what they say ("This is the last time I'm saying this! blah blah blah blah." "I'm not taking you to -insert event-")
    For all the parents out there, read "Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline" by Becky A. Bailey, cuz it's a real thing. Makes a lot of sense, and I've used it on my sibs (one 6, one 10.) Talk about wonders.

    Aaaaandd...looking at this comment, this is why I wonder if I have ADHD...tho my mum denies any sort of illness I think I might have (though insommia and ADHD are the only ones I've asked about.)
  • Tori from Boston, MaOur anger is one of our most dangerous poisons. Anger - strong feelings of annoyance, displeasure, and hostility. It can be a night mare to try and get over it. Don't we all hold at least small grudges. There comes a point in everyones life where your anger is so intense that your id takes over. Our contains our deepest/darkest desires. It contains our animalistic behaviors. It's pushed way down at the bottom of our unconscious mind. I think this song is about our id taking us over once again. Why is it that we forget half of the things we said when we are in a heated fight? Unconscious mind, I think so.
  • Jacobi One Fanobi from Bristol, TnThe song isnt about being who you want to be,but rather you are who you are and no one can fix how screwed up you are inside. Hence "no one would ever change this animal." A great way to relate this is Ichigo in the "bleach" series anime. He cant control the evil within him, and he needs help.
  • Roach from Nowhere, GermanyIt's just about being someone you don't want to be. Adam for example never wanted to be addicted to drugs, but he was and at that time, he became everything he never wanted to be.
  • Amanda from Coshocton, OhI see this song about someone becoming always angry, hateful and mad. They don't want this to become them and want to "tame" it. I personally see it as this...
  • Annie from Townsville, Nv"Animal I Have Become" reflects Gontier's regrets about the person he became during the Three Days Grace tour. "A few of us got really carried away, especially myself. I became somebody I didn't want to be."... i copied and pasted from
  • Jason from Palmer, MaThis song and a lot of others are about opiate addiction and addiction in general. He wrote all most all the songs for one-x while in rehab. This album really means allot to me and I can relate to all the songs on the album.

    Adam is also a great guy. I added him as a friend on myspace and I sent him a personal message pretty much telling him my story of addiction to opiates and how I had a date set to go into rehab. I also told him how much his album meant to me. I really didn't expect him to write me back when I sent it I was just really venting cause I didn't have anyone to talk to.The next day I got a rather large response from him telling me his story and offering support to me and said if I ever needed anything to let him know. I was amazed!!! This guy probably gets thousands of messages and he takes time out of his very busy schedule to write me back. I was very touched. He gave me his personal email and we have been in contact since. He writes me out of the blue and asks me how I'm doing. This was a time when I really didn't have anyone to talk to and was in a very dark place. So he played a pretty big role in my recovery and support when nobody else would. I will be meeting him face to face when they come back to Mass for there tour. I will be backstage and hangout during there visit.
  • Allyyyyy from Chicago, Ili love this song. absolutely brilliant.
    "somebody help me tame this animal."
  • Skyler from Omaha, NeI Guess I see This Song As a way to show that we're all just human so natural yo feel such hate and despise,but at the same time feel scared of what you have morphed into due to all the continous lies and all the bonds you have broken...Carlos Opico
  • Raine from Cebu, PhilippinesThis song describes who i am
  • Alexis from Ramsey, MnI love this song, it makes me feel like punching through a wall....... It describes me a lot, too.
  • Christina from Kankakee, IlThis song describes me too perfectly. A long experience of life has made me bitter and very much like an animal. The line, "so what if you can see the darkest side of me" express the fact that your letting the claws come out and you don't give a damn about who sees it.
  • Jenn from Chicago, IlI love this song and everybody who took their time give good comments! My favorite part of the lyrics are "So what if you can see the darkest side of me?". He's telling everyone I don't care what you think of me! I am who I am! It's so deep! PLus it was set up with a great melody too! So, yeah! I love this band and song! it's justr who i am and what I feel like in the inside!
  • Arron from Lafayette, InI love Three Days Grace!!! and I love how they direct all the song to such pin point meanings like "I hate every thing about you" is about how a love-hate relationship I cant describe how much I love these guys
  • Sarah from La, CaAWSOME SONG!!!!! their best song.
  • Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaI think that this song fits me relatively well. I have an anger problem, and I snap quickly. A lot of people in my school are afraid of me, but they still tease me because they want to see how far they can get before I rip them into little pieces.

  • Kadie from Corpus Christi, TxI feel like going wild when I hear this song.
  • Claire from Las Vegas, NvThis song kind of fits my life; I keep all my anger and all those other emotions bottled up inside until I can't handle it anymore. On my worst days, this song makes me cry.
  • Amy from Nunyabiz, AlThis song rox. everyone should let out their inner beast once in awhile. [mischevious grin]
  • Justin from Ft. Luaderdale, FlAlmost like you go so far down a path (violence, addiction, whateva) that you feel like an animal running on instinct, doing something just cuz you're used to it. But then you stop and realize you need help from this "Animal you have become.
  • Syton from Colorado Springs, CoI like what Shyla said. It's like when one bad thing follows another and another and another and you just get overwhelmed and frustrated. And eventually you just don't care anymore about what people may think or what happens to you and like she said you just let out that dark side and don't care what people think about that side of you. Maybe you just walk around in a bad mood or make yourself look darker, but you just don't care anymore and you don't care who knows it. Perhaps you even want people to know it, like some kind of cry for help. It could also be about having an angry side and you just let it out. Like when you get so angry you can hardly control it. It seems to me that TDG songs can go in many ways. That way everyone can find their own meaning in it, which I think is pretty cool. You've GOT to love this band!
  • Roc from Cp, Incutting is stupid deal with it normal people stuff sucks thats why bands put out great music so we can relate and say "Hey these famous peoples lives suck sometimes too now i dont feel so bad" cheer up CHRIST!!
  • Shyla from Fairbanks, AkTo me this song is about having a dark side that you can no longer can control and then dont care anymore whether you can or not...maybe?
  • Jailene from K-town, WaI always thought, to be honest, that this song was about an addiction to like, casual sex or something, based on the line "SO what if you can see/The darkest side of me/No one will ever tame this animal I have become". The word tame could be like, an expression of the idea of a long and involved relationship. So like, it doesn't matter how twisted he acts in this "relationship" because it's not going to last that long anyway.
  • Ashley from Buffalo, NyIt's a really great song with good strong lryics that really made me think about my addicition to cutting. It really got outta hand until I just lost it and told my best friend who comforted me and told me everything was fine.
  • April from Peterborough, Ontario, CanadaRight from the horses mouth-Adam has openly admitted that this song was written about his personal experience with addiction to percocet, then oxycontin and how he felt about himself and how he felt others seen him(the animal)
    Wickedly honest song....I can personally relate too.
  • Rob from Poughkeepsie, NyI know my translation of the song isn't spot on, but i personally feel it being a glorification of sensualistic life. A reflection of my life, not surprisingly.

    The singer, upon being hurt in a relationship, rages out and acts out what he truly is, a sensualistic animal seeking out the greatest thrills and excitements to help him deal with his pain. But he is well aware of the fact that his "solution" to being hurt is equally, if not more, destructive.

    Heh, in my personal life people are always trying to tame me, to silence the animal that I am. They seems to believe that because they can see what it is, they can change that tendancy. They tell me its not the real me, hah, but its how I am, I hate it, but they cant change me no matter how much i wish they could.
  • Winter from Niceville, FlThis song is the one that made me interested in TDG...
    its catchy..And any song by Three Days Grace always has powerful lyrics..
    Brilliant song..Really gets you feeling pumped and helps you get that anger out..
  • Amanda from Wabash, InI can relate to this song. I have battled addiction and it is hard and you turn into someone that you don't like. You start to hate who are.
    -Amanda Wabash,IN
  • Mikey from Galesburg, Ilgreat song! I can totally relate to the lyrics!
  • Ryan from OttawaI said the exact same thing.
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