Never Too Late

Album: One-X (2006)
Charted: 71
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  • This world will never be
    What I expected
    And if I don't belong
    Who would have guessed it?
    I will not leave alone
    Everything that I own
    To make you feel like it's not too late
    It's never too late

    Even if I say
    It'll be alright
    Still I hear you say
    You want to end your life
    Now and again we try
    To just stay alive
    Maybe we'll turn it all around
    'Cause it's not too late
    It's never too late

    No one will ever see
    This side reflected
    And if there's something wrong
    Who would have guessed it?
    And I have left alone
    Everything that I own
    To make you feel like
    It's not too late
    It's never too late

    Even if I say
    It'll be alright
    Still I hear you say
    You want to end your life
    Now and again we try
    To just stay alive
    Maybe we'll turn it all around
    'Cause it's not too late
    It's never too late

    The world we knew
    Won't come back
    The time we've lost
    Can't get it back
    The life we had
    Won't be ours again

    This world will never be
    What I expected
    And if I don't belong

    Even if I say
    It'll be alright
    Still I hear you say
    You want to end your life
    Now and again we try
    To just stay alive
    Maybe we'll turn it all around
    'Cause it's not too late
    It's never too late
    Maybe we'll turn it all around
    'Cause it's not too late
    It's never too late (It's never too late)
    It's not too late
    It's never too late Writer/s: Adam Gontier, Brad Walst, Gavin Brown, Naomi Brewer, Neil Sanderson
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Hannah from WalesBeautiful song that helped with the suicidal ideation I strugged with as a child after being raped. This song quite literally saved my life. Life isn’t perfect now, but it makes me feel less alone that others had these feelings too. Thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone and that I can do this no matter how much pain it costs me.

    I see a little homophobia in these comments, but why? We are all in the same problem. Whether you wish me death or just believe I’m an abomination because I’m a lesbian - i forgive you. Despite our differences, I wish you all the best and I hope life treats you better soon.

    Thank you from Wales and I wish you all nothing but good vibes and a good life from now on.

    I hope you all recover and find something to make life feel worth it for you.

    I don’t know you people, but just know I will constantly keep you in my thought.

    I love you all.
  • Lover Of God from SomewhereGod doesn't want you to give up the life HE gave you! He put you on this earth for a reason, so don't take advantage about it...
  • Skye from La Push, Washington This is song has given me something to hold onto when I get pretty suicidal. My Friend actually would give up everything to help me. This is what I love about Three Days Grace, is that some of their songs are actually helping me get to a better place when I think about killing myself, losing someone, having a overdose, Ext. "It will be alright" Still I here you say, you wanna end your life. Now and again we try, to just stay alive. Maybe we'll turn it around, cause' it's not too late, it's never too late" this verse/chores gives me the most energy from this song because it's saying, it will be alright, the person still is having suicidal thought, they try to keep the person alive, and trying to remind that person that they can turn their life around. This is song is just one of the best that Three Days Grace has created.
  • AnonymousWhy was this song very personal to Adam?
  • Danielle from Newyork, Usa(Even if I say, "It will be alright" Still I here you say, you wanna end your life. Now and again we try, to just stay alive. Maybe we'll turn it around, cause' it's not too late, it's never too late) Personally, I take that whole verse to heart. It gives me meaning, it gives me some sort of hope or faith that I will thrive in the future. I always tell myself that i'll be fine but when bad s--t happens I breakdown and just wanna disappear/die. I feel hopeless but I try to keep myself going because I have special people in my life. My friends, they need me and I need them. Including me most of them are in bad family situations, we are a depressed bunch of teens looking for a way out but we feel like there is no hope... My dear friend Ava tried commiting suicide on Nov-28-2020. She took drugs that were lethal to the human body. She survived because we alerted the police and sent them to her house. She is ok for now but i'm still worried about her and what she is planning to do next. All of my friends, we try to keep each other moving, we uplift each other and tell each other that we are worth something, that we have a purpose in life. Maybe we will be able to turn around our horrible lives and make it better I hope. Its not too late, Its never too late..
  • Emma R. from Indiana, UsaAdam Gontier has saved many lives when he and the rest of Three Days Grace had played this song, including my own. This is my absolute favorite song, it makes me feel as if I don't deserve to die anymore. I threatened my life a long time ago... But then I had first listened to it... I sat there, crying for about three hours straight... I eventually learned the lyrics and had recommended the song to new people after the first time I had heard it, for I had to move to a new school... But this song still remains in my heart to this day. Thank you...
  • Heavy D from Lower Middle Class ,ca - Usa Really good song. Sometimes I felt like I wanted to kill myself when I was in my last relationship. It was too frustrating and toxic towards the end.

    It didn’t start out that way though. It never does. The first couple years was phenomenal. Unlike anything I’ve ever felt. Romance, feel like you found your soulmate, this person talk to you like no one else ever talk to you, this person can connect with you like nobody else connected with you etc. We had a lot of trips and a lot of romantic activities

    Then on our anniversary she flipped on me and the real insecurities came out. I was stuck up there for another two days with her and it was absolutely miserable. The relationship never repaired and I was constantly finding myself walking on egg shells, not knowing she’s going to break down crying about some bulls--t. And it became toxic. Too many arguments, too many bad feelings, and too much toxicity. It came to the point I didn’t wanna be around her unless I was drunk or high on weed, out of town.

    Turns out she was molested as a kid abused by her father and an uncle. Terrible stuff. I’m surprised she kept it together for so long but this happens.

    It was depressing being around her because of all the vultures in her personal life and just... not the same as it was in the beginning.
    I felt myself going downhill with her to the point I wanted to kill myself. I would write her letters and tell her that if I died I would be a happy man. And I felt that way in the moment . I don’t think that way anymore because it’s been five months since we broke up and I’m happier now.

    She’s not a toxic person, I think the chemistry of us both together, was toxic.

    The funny thing is I miss her now. I miss the beginning. But the beginning of a relationship is always better than the end of one.

    I could’ve stayed in. I could’ve tried to help her. I could’ve tried to be there for her more. But I couldn’t do it. I chose my own sanity, and my own personal happiness and I got out. And now we don’t talk.

    Never too late.
  • Brayden Monen Birth:2008 from Washington StateThis song has changed my life. Through the dark times at my moms. Now I'm glad I'm happy I want to cry every time I hear this song. I'm free now, i'm now not a fallen angel. And It's not too late for all you reading this. It's never too late. Thank you Adam Gontier.

    2020 April 23 10:40
  • Maskedmarlin from Bremertonjust heard this song again for the first time in forever. not all of us are lucky enough to have friends like Adam or many of your who posted. and some times not even that works. like for me i think it's just too late. i care and will help others Intel I'm no longer here because i mean others do have a chance and are worth it. any ways if you notice something say something. they lose weight pretty quick start not feeling well a lot. missed more work. rarely leave the home. or if like me there room. my friends either don't vknow what to look for are i pushed them away to far. and that's another thing if they startbpushing you watch them i don't really want you to go. i mean i do. but i don't and i will need you . if I'm pushing than probably soon. and even if it's just to say hello how you doing calls feel good from what i remember. now if you can help someone before it's too late like for me they won't have to go threw all the pain and sadness. and trust me it's sad and it hurts every day. a pain unlike anything else. see some thing say something please.
  • Cameron from Evansville, IndianaThis song has helped me a lot... throughout my fifteen years, I have had multiple friends who went suicidal... A lot of the time I would play this song with them and they would rethink it... I haven't lost a friend yet :)
  • Giovanna from New Alexandria, Pai love this song although it makes me depressed.
  • Kelli from Peterborough, OnAdam is an amazing songwriter/musician, he feels every song he writes from how life experiences. As so many know already, Adam left 3DG back in Jan. 2013 and has gone solo with a new band, new music. Adam has moved on and TDG has too...Now Adam is recording his 1st solo album, I live in Adam's hometown and look after this page on his behalf...Feel free to join it to keep up todate with the latest of ADAM GONTIER!
  • Victoria from Kansas City, KsNever To Late by Three Days Grace reminds me of my real dad. He abused me when I was 7, 8, and 9. It also reminds me of when I tried suicide a couple times. This song is about suicide so it's emotional for me to hear it. I started loving this song because it was an amazing song but now I love it so much because it relates to me so well.
  • Anna from Seattle, WaI think this song is amazing. I'd only heard it before, but just saw the video. My intrepation (not saying I know) is that the singer is acting as an observer/angle to the little girl and the woman he knows in adult life. He actually understands how deep the effects go from this sort of abuse. I see him trying to convince the woman "it's never too late" to salvage your life (for survivors of that kind of abuse it really feels like nothing can be saved). He actually seems to be offering himself to the child/her (and they show the innocent and hope that it is so hard to kill in a little girl like that, it takes A LOT) that he would, if he had a choice, have been there for her as a tiny girl and give her up as the grown woman (because he'd be an older generation, or maybe he would have replaced the monstore that was her "real father'). That is real love. Whoever she is to him, a girlfriend, sister, or friend, what he seems to be indicating he would do to alter her God awful past is pure love. This video is so powerful it f*ed me up for days after I first viewed it.
  • Derek from Who Cares?, DcBest song off the album, and a great video.
  • Aaron from Peterborough, Onin an interview called behind the pain, adam said that this related to him and his with Naomim they both grew up together in Norwood and he said that it related to both of them growing up, the even plays the woman in the video never too late
  • Frankie from Westwood, NjI totally agree with that Sean dude from Australia. I dont know where you other people are getting it but there is always moer than one meaning to a song.
  • Thomas from Degraff, OhThis song describes an event that just recently happened in my life, one that im still trying to overcome. I had suicidal tendencies and without the love and support from my friends, i mite not be righting this rite now. If anybody is thinking about killing themselves, just remember, theres someone out there that cares about you, so think twice. I did.
  • Roach from Nowhere, GermanyThis is my favorite song. Never loved one song so much. It discribes many parts of my life.
    In the song, Adam tells something to the listener, something like: Hey, I feel pissed off, too, and I also feel like I don't belong. But you must not give up, because you can still turn things around.

    I love every single line. Everytime I listen to it I get quiet and thoughtful.
  • Chelsea from Jonesboro, InHe wrote this in rehabilition. poor Adam. I'm glad he pulled through the addiction. Adam's one of my inspirations.
  • Jem from Barrie, Onthis is an awesome song, it got me through some tough times. the meaning seems to clash with the video abit ( song is about depression, but the vid is about molestation? oh well)
    has anyone noticed (sorry if it's been said) that at the end of the video, the woman walks away from the bed, and it looks like angel wings behind her?
    awesome song, love the band :)
  • Ann from Union, Ky"This world will never be
    What I expected
    And if I don't belong
    Who would have guessed it?" My favorite line from a song. It fits. I quite often feel like I don't belong, but I just continue on because "it's never too late." I guess I do get strength from this song.
  • Ally from Miama, FlI remember i once was emo for about 5 years and i had about 4 suicidal attempts and then i head this song. Its made me think. After that i reduced the slitting and now ive been clean from that for 2 years.
  • Sean from Perth, AustraliaI have a pretty different take on this than what most people seem to. When I first saw this I figured that the little girl's parents had passed away and the guy in the sweater was her new caretaker. Despite his efforts to comfort and support her, she turned to drug abuse and is put in a rehabilitation clinic. She is then strapped to the bed to go cold turkey and whatnot and the hands of her caretaker although appearing kinda like freddy krueger's (depicting her horror) we can actually recognise as the man belong to the man. As for the black angel, I honestly figured that it represented death. In this way, I thought the handprints were a form of shield against her demons (like how the chinese may put up mirrors or something, im not entirely sure). If going with this idea, the man, when fighting the angel, is fighting of death. He's fighting for her life with absolutely everything and only though his total commitment does she recover. Thoughts?
  • Amanda from Orlando, Flthis song is great. idk how many times this song has helped me i recently lost a friend and iv got alot of other bad s--t going on and i cut and i wantd 2 die i was gna slit wrists pop pills then slit my throat and fade. but i heard this song on da radio as i marked the veins and i stoped nd listened nd didnt wana die after.
  • Michael from Owingsmills , Mdwhat ever this song is about suicide or not if you thinking about killing your self get help and listen to this song bc this song hits home its one of my fav songs i love it it makes me cry sometimes
  • Bailey from Chicago, IlI absolutly love this song. Mcr is my favorite band but 3dg is a close second and this song really speaks to me. I used to be suicidal and i lost count of how many times i cut myself but music has always been a type of therapy for me. Listening to this song really helped me get through a lot of s--t in my life. It saved my life.

    Also if you like this song, Check out I don't Care by Apocolyptica
  • Christina from Kankakee, IlThis song has a very deep meaning to me. It started playing after I stopped my best friend's second suicide attempt. I was sitting on the floor, my left hand was putting pressure on a cut that my best had given me with the butcher knife I was holding in my right hand. The song played through while we just stared at each other. After the song was over I told her that it wasn't too late and that we could fix whatever was going wrong...she broke down for a few minutes before her older brother came in to check on her and saw the gash in my arm...that's probably the only scar that I am proud to have...
  • Daniel from Winchester, OhI can totally relate to this song because one of my friends Ben Grahm was sucidial too and no matter what I did to help him nothing worked so he hanged himself..
  • Ashley from Springfield , Mothat video meant a lot to me. in the video the little girl is molested and saved by the man with the wings. This video gave me the idea for my uncles memorial tattoo.... when i was a little girl i was molested by my stepdad my uncle joe saved me when i was 11 and then he was killed when i was 13. the tattoo is a picture of him holding my hand as a little girl he has the wings from this video with the feathers falling all around us. its deep. thanks 3dg
  • Dinko from That Place, IaWhen I first heard this song, I wasn't the biggest 3DG fan, but after thinking more and more about it, it's my favorite song ever. It's saved lives, and I can prove it. All my friends know that Never Too Late is my favorite song, and Three Days Grace is the best band ever!!! plus, Adam's my yeah...
  • Brooke from Cincinnati , OhMe and a close friend of mine who introduced me to the song were discusing it while watching the music video and we came up with the idea of molestation and abuse, the little girl in the video is dancing around the circle with a women and a man, then it cuts to a grown women being pulled by nurses the grown women is the little girl grown who was being pulled into something by more authoritative people. you then see the little girl with wings still dancing with the woman and man the wings represent her innocence adn as the parents leave the older girl is crying, you then see a man (different from the first) come in you have a feeling something's gonna happen and you see the man touch the girl's shoulder. the older girl is being tied into a hospital bed and is refusing because she still remembers what it was like with teh other man. after this the little girl runs under her bed. youi then see a shadow come in and stand by the bed. the video then dips to the older girl tied in the bed being held down by someone holding her feet and legs, the hands that are holding are all the same hands, they all have the same sweater as the man that mollested the little girl, so by being touched there by the nurses shes remembering being pulled out from underneath the bed by the man that was " babysitting her " the little girl gets up from the bed and walks forward you see feathers falling her innocence being pulled apart, as well as a butterfly flys in the scene with the older girl. the next scene is the same room and little girl, only the entire room and little girl is covered in painted hand prints (shes been touched everywhere) and then it goes to the same hand with the same sweater covered in paint you then see a winged man fighting the sweater man and the girl smiling becuase someones trying to protect her innocence, and because of this she can finally rest without feeling held down by the sweater man.

    this song is extremely deep.
  • Selena from Hawesville, KyThis song is one of my all time favs! I absolutely love it. It has a great message.
  • Grace from Seattle, WaLol, abortion. Kevin has been foolin around lol. I reaally get this song. I mean who hasn't thought about pulling the plug? It's weird because when something bad happens I just when crawl in a dark hole a die, but when I look back a few days later I can't understand why I wanted to die? Weird?? Anyways the song is beautiful.
  • Haley from La, Cato me this song means alot of things in different ways
    the first time i heard it i thought of him talking about himself turning his life around but after i watched the video its about a girl who was abused by someone and a angel came to save her saying its never too late to turn at all around.....i am in lovee with this song....its GREATT....
  • Brandon from Weimar, TxOBVIOUSLY-this song is about a girl loosing her innocence through molestation (note the 'freddy krueger like shirt the molestor is wearing!) Now she doesn't feel like life is worth living...wants to kill herself.
  • Jayme from Catonsville, MdI love this song. I am 13 years old and I wanted to kill myself lots of times. My song really comforted me. But it's not the reason I'm still alive. I chose to stay alive because I have 30 something pets and I love them SOOOO much. I couldn't bear to leave them. But I llove this song so much because I can relate to it. This song rocks!!!! I be they'll save hundreds of lives with this song.
  • Mary from Mason City, IaListening to this song and watching the video, makes me think that this little girl was abused by the man. With the hiding under the bed and the same girl (older) being held down by the arms of that same man. And possibly why she would want to end her life. Hate to think of it this way and I may be WAY off, but with personal experience, it is so close to how a person feels...being "held down" by the abuse and the abuser. And always wishing there was an "angel" that would come and save you!
  • Beverly from El Paso, TxThis song is not about suicide!!!!!!!!!it about a girl that has a mental breakdown.....just go to youtube and put in Never too late-Behind the scenes
  • Tori from Houston, TxMy best friend is like goth and she loves 3DG and she was like dude i love them they are so cool and so i looked up thier vid the next day of this song and i was all, woah! i guess u could call me goth 2 but it doesent really matter i love these guys and this song really means alot to me because i just moved into this new house right and i hated it at first and my grades started to slip and i was making fs in everything and im really smart, honestly, and my mom and dad were like mad at me all the time and i cried myself 2 sleep like every night and just wanted to kill myself but my friends helped me alot and so did this song! now i am happy with my life and over my super depression and GOD BLESS 3DG!!!!
  • Taylor from Kelowna, CanadaThis is a really good song, i think its kinda sad and it could save alot of lives.
    3DG rules!!
  • John from Bridgewater, NsThis is a very deep song to me to. It atleast saved 1 life.
  • Rachel from Smithville, TnTo me this is a very deep song.
  • Amy from Nunyabiz, AlI can really relate to this song. not the video but the song. it reminds me of how i was with an ex boyfriend & how my boyfriend is now. it's a really good song. i understand how scary it is to have a suicidal friend or be suicidal. this song could save lives.
  • Sarah from Haha None Ya..., GaI like really love this song. It has a good meaning to it. Three days Grace rocks!!!
  • Olivia from Stanton, KyAlmost every one of you think this song is about suicide. In a sense it is, but not really. It is about the hardships of life. Whenever you get down and you think about just giving up , give this song a listen. It's not too late, never too late to look ahead at all of the other things in life. Get someone who you love and completely trust to guide you through your problems.

    email me
  • Scott from East Dublin, GaI love this song. it is one of my favorite
  • Cortney from Grand Junction, CoOK ITS NOT ABOUT AN ABORTION!!!its about helping someone suicidal
  • Jenna from Nova Scotia, CanadaOk,all of you I seen an interview with Adam and it was about his drug addiction and how he wanted to just end it all.But,in the end his wife saved him from it so itd saying its not to late to turn your life around.Probly the best advice you will ever get.
  • Ember from Council Bluffs, IaThis is what I was pretty sure the song was about (Look at the video): A young girl was molested by her own father and was damaged by it. Several years later she is in a mental institution thinking of suicide. But her "guardian angel" in a way saved her from killing herself by allowing her to let go. It is never to late to let go of a bad experience and go on with life.
    My idea on the song because of the video.
  • Rat42 from Cleveland, Ali love this song sooo much. every time i put this CD in i play this song a million times. it's my ring tone too!!!!!!!
  • Briana from Greensboro , NcAbortion? Wtf Kevin? wtf.
  • Chae from Chicago, Il*laughs at Kevin*
    I don't think the song's about abortion. *gigglesnort*
  • Di from Hialeah, FlThis song is about his sister.
  • Kimberly from J-town, MeAfter watching the music video I think that this song was about a girl who was being abused and then was put into a mental hospital and she finaly got loose and was freed from the guy that abused her... I strongly sugest that you watch the video... just go to either youtube or google and search the song...
  • Kaoru from Aplace, FlI think it just means that even when you think all is gone, just keep going because, well as te song sayys, it's never too late. Though, i myself are 12 of those pepl who think all is gone, and this song is very touching 4 me, but i don't think that way, i was depressed and while still considering suicide i cut myself, so my parents found out and took away everytihng that was important 2 me, so now i'm even more depressed and just feel like dying.
  • Justin from Ft. Luaderdale, FlI look at it like you try and try and try, but its all for nothing and they do it anyway...but I'm just mrobid and not really in a good mood right now.
  • Kimberly from J-town, MeTo me this song is about turning your life around and surviving what you're going through in your life. This song may save some peoples lives, or may just make them even worse, but it all depends on how YOU look at it.
  • Emily from Frankiln, Tnyeah it's kinda like that but it has more to do with him loving sombody who dont love themselves eough to keep on living. in the video it seems like this girl got abused and was always trying to kill herself anyway ilove three days grace!!
  • Kara from Teutopolis, IlI actually felt for this song enough to write a descriptive essay on it for my College Composition Class. It's so easy to write a three page paper about something you really understand and are interested in. Three Days Grace is my favorite band and always has been. I got One-X on June 13th of 2006...which was it's release date!!! I still haven't taken this CD out of my CD player!
  • Ayatsuri from West Bloomfield, Mithis song really means a lot in my life. I guess i would call myself an emo kid, (not a poser) and this song in particular helped me get through some tough times and it really inspires me. I almost offed myself a couple of months ago, and then i heard this song and just... wow. I love 3DG
  • Kevin from San Francisco, CaIts "never to late" to get an abortion.
  • Matthew Mclennan from Boston, MaI think the music video explains it a bit more the girl being drug into a mental institution is looking back at herself as a child and going into the parts about the child molester,the video makes direct references to that being one of the demons of the little girl and the woman for instance the part where the little girl is under her bed and the woman is being hold down by the arms of the child rapist it's clear that the song is personal to TDG, but the message is obvious it's just about not giving's one of my faves
  • Emilie from South Lake Tahoe, Cawhat about the reference to sexual molestation in the video??.......the part when that guys hand prints are on the child and her room i thought thats what it was about.....and then she committed suicide??oh well still a great song w/ good meaning
  • Jailene from K-town, WaI love this song to no end. I feel like this song belongs to a few of my friends who have helped me through some sh*t recently. They made sacrifices, canceled stuff they had planned, andwent out of their way to make sure that I was okay. This song is amazing and I love it! ^^
  • Jenna from Winnipeg, CanadaThis is a song I can relate to alot, this song is about suicide depresesion and child abuse, and sextual assulat,I've been through all of that and this song goes wit my life. It's really goes deep.
  • Emma from White Rock, CanadaI'm not a big fan of 3DG, but this song really touches me. I had a suicidal friend once, me and the rest of her friends tried so hard to keep her happy, but she eventually killed herself.
  • Mercedies from Soldotna, AkThis is my favorite song on the whole cd. It is also probably the most meaningful on the cd. This is my favorite band. Adam Gontier is the best singer ever. This is also the best cd anyone could ever buy. The fans will never be disappointed. 3DG I love you!!!
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