Album: Rubberneck (1994)
  • Bended knee
    Nine years old
    Waitin' for
    Just one word!

    I was thinkin' of all the things
    My daddy told me of
    Sin and salvation and
    Manhood and dignity

    All that time
    In the dark
    Just one word

    I remember the day I stepped
    Into the water
    My daddy held me in his hands
    And pushed my head under
    And said

    Son I am
    So proud.
    Just one word

    Well I opened my eyes
    And my daddy held me in his hands
    I looked up through the water
    And thought I saw Jesus, and then

    Well I threw up my hands!
    And I heard, Amen!
    And I prayed, sweet Jesus
    Don't let me become a backslider! Writer/s: TODD LEWIS
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • A.j. from Chicago, IlThis song's in the 1996 Chris Farley-David Spade buddy comedy Black Sheep.
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