Album: Rubberneck (1994)
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  • And she runs through her days with a smile on her face
    And she runs, and she waits, and I wait

    We can drive to anyplace,
    day or night, across the state
    And in the morning, into Mexico, we will wake up

    I find a window in the kitchen, and I let myself in
    Rummage through the refrigerator, find myself a beer
    I can't believe I'm really here,
    and she's lying in that bed
    I can almost feel her touch, and her anxious breath!

    I stumble in the hallway, against the bedroom door
    I hear her call out to me, I hear the fear in her voice
    She pulls the covers tighter, I press against the door

    I will be with her tonight! Writer/s: TODD LEWIS
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Don from Texasi didnt know that they are from the same are as me right now, i just liked the song but when i actually listened to the lyrics i was like "wait oh crap what is he talking about?" also 'where is my mind' and 'tyler' are two different songs. but yeah crazy how i live in the same area as where this band used to be
  • Nomsalis from VermontThis is an amazing song and maybe it has a few nods to Where Is My Mind it is in no way a rip off. Enjoy it or not but STFU.
  • Jon from Austin Not a Pixies rip off to me
  • Metaloaf from IndianapolisHd, who cares what the two songs are about, the chords sound exactly the same, and "Where Is My Mind" came out 7 years earlier, hence this song rips that one off. You can change the lyrics, but that doesn't make the instrumentation suddenly original. If you took out the vocals and played this song for people, nearly everyone would go, "Oh, duh, that's the Pixies, but it's like a cover version."
  • Hd from AmarilloI don't understand the people saying this song is a rip off of The Pixies' "Where is My Mind". That song is about his trip to the Caribbean and a fish he saw when he was underwater. Tyler is about a peeping tom/potential rapist in Tyler, TX. Chill out guys....
  • Mike from DallasTyler is actually in East Texas & Toadies are from Ft Worth west of Dallas.
  • Joe Mudd from Ham Lake, MnGreat, underrated song. Creepy as it is. Yes it’s a Pixies ripoff. But in a great way! I’ve heard a live version where the band gives mad credit to the Pixies for their inspiration.
  • Phil from ConcordThe last verse should be a dead giveaway this song isn't romantic
  • Joe Doe from Outside Your HouseThis song is about me
  • Pat from TacomaI just can't believe no one talks about what an obvious rip off this song is of pixies - where is my mind.
  • Erica from Texas (dfw)SO, had nothing to do with Ezras (lead singer from Tabularasa) girlfriend, at the time, Tyler?
  • Bruce from Baytown, TxJeff from Az- same thing here, I can listen to this song forever. This is gonna be my song to the girl I can't have from now on haha. I will be with her tonight! Good comment.
  • Easygreen from Watertown, MaIt always makes me laugh when someone talks about how they think this song is romantic. Does anyone listen to themselves when they sing along?
  • Crayola from Knoxville, TnI think the song is about a teenage boy and teenage girl who are in love and can't be together because he's in a juvenile detention center or jail. He escapes and makes it to her house and intends for them to run off to Mexico and finally be together. At the end of the song when it says, "She pulls the covers tighter . . .", I think that means she thinks someone is breaking in the house, but she has no idea it's her boyfriend.
  • Rusty from Waco, TxThis song is about a rapist in Tyler. I thought it was always pretty obvious if you would listen to the lyrics.
  • Jeff from Casa Grande, AzI love this song. So different. Original. It keeps me wondering. And, I just love the music and beat, too. I like to listen to it after I have just seen an irresistably beautiful woman. Yeah, I will be with her tonight. In my dreams, yeah. But, I always think she would appreciate my passion and determination. Yeah!!!! Oh, yeah!!!
  • Bk from Ft. Worth, TxFrom the first hanging notes of the song, I put this in the Cd player when I want "everything to be alright"
  • Keith from Kyle, TxOne of my favorite Toadies songs, but man does it creep me out.
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