Fifteen Miles Downriver

Album: The Alphabet Of Hurricanes (2010)
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  • The snakeskin bracelet
    On your wrist
    Always came undone
    And it's strange the little things the
    Mind remembers
    When the big things in love have gone
    And all motion it seems is a relative thing
    But I can't tell who's further from whom
    Sometimes I think I'm
    Flying into the distance
    Sometimes I think it's you

    And fifteen miles downriver
    Fifteen miles downriver I'll find the truth

    Outside the waitress smokes a cigarette
    For a minute she feels free
    But the river pays no mind, indifferent to time
    Puts distance 'tween you and me
    And I've swum against tide
    And been breathless all my life
    Now I'm drifting free
    And it's time I realized a
    Man can't fight the tide
    And the moon has more influence than me

    And fifteen miles downriver
    Fifteen miles downriver's where I wanna be

    The final conversation
    Is ringing in my ears
    Like the dying chords of a song
    And in a pillar of fire thought I saw your face
    It's just a lightning storm
    And the lights of these towns fade up and fade down
    And they all look the same from here
    And I'm digging my nails into the palm of my hand
    Not gonna show you my tears

    'Cause fifteen miles downriver
    Fifteen miles downriver that rain'll clear

    The walls of the harbor
    Have fallen behind
    That river proved to short
    And fifteen miles was never that far
    Now a thousand don't seem much
    So I threw away the map and now I'm sailing by the stars
    But the stars can be liars too
    So I raise my flag and sit back down
    Let the wind blow where it will
    'Cause a thousand miles of ocean's calling me
    Yeah a thousand miles of ocean's where I'll find peace
    I've crossed a thousand miles of ocean
    Is that a river I see Writer/s: Tom Mcrae
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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