Jenny (867-5309)

Album: Tommy Tutone 2 (1982)
Charted: 4
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  • Jenny jenny who can I turn to
    You give me something I can hold on to
    I know you'll think I'm like the others before
    Who saw your name and number on the wall

    Jenny I've got your number
    I need to make you mine
    Jenny don't change your number

    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Jenny jenny you're the girl for me
    You don't know me but you make me so happy
    I tried to call you before but I lost my nerve
    I tried my imagination but I was disturbed

    Jenny I've got your number
    I need to make you mine
    Jenny don't change your number
    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine

    I got it (i got it) I got it
    I got your number on the wall
    I got it (i got it) I got it
    For a good time, for a good time call

    Jenny don't change your number
    I need to make you mine
    Jenny I've called your number

    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine

    Jenny Jenny who can I turn to (eight six seven five three oh nine)
    For the price of a dime I can always turn to you (eight six seven five three oh nine)

    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine (five three oh nine)
    Eight six seven five three oh nine
    Eight six seven five three oh nine (five three oh nine)
    Eight six seven five three oh nine (five three oh nine)

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  • Lee-anne from CanadaMy husband wrote this song. Oddly, my childhood number was 8-6(9)75. :)

    I have the original demo. :)
  • Hearing M. Paired from SighMy ENTIRE LIFE...thought the singer was singing "Benny!" Even up until a few days ago, I was still singing, "Bennnnnyyyy, I've got--your NUM-BER!" Up until a few minutes ago, I STILL thought that he was singing, "Benny!" The irony being, I know MANY "Jennys." Some have even called me "Jenny." Go figure.
  • Seventhmist from 7th Heaven"I tried my imagination, but I was disturbed." What a line.

    A friend of mine used an inventive way to conceal an insult in a phone number. He told a girl who had treated him badly to call "382-5968," which spells a certain pair of words starting with "F' and "Y." Of course, she didn't get it until someone else enlightened her.
  • George from Vancouver, Canada@Mark from Shelburne, Vt: I'm not sure we had the computing power to calculate a 7-digit prime number in 1982, let alone an 11-digit one, as you're saying was an intended message. . . Sometimes coincidence happens. 1 in a million still has that 1. . .
  • Cec from MichiganGreat song takes me way back
  • Ken from Hamilton, NjSupposedly one woman with this phone # got upwards of 22k calls.
  • Jennifer from IndianaI'm one of the lucky Jennie's. That song came on the car radio (1982) while my new boyfriend & I were driving to his place. We both laughed and saw the song as a good omen. To this day, I think about Jim whenever I hear it. Thanks for all the breathtaking times we had!
  • Marc from -, MdFirst-ever interview with the girl in this video, including what she's doing now and pics: Her name was Karen Morton and she passed away in 2014. A very sweet person.
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxRemember the "Klondike 5" number that the Fonz referred to on 'Happy Days?' Same thing.
  • Cyberpope from Richmond, Canada& the reason 555 is used as a fake exchanfge is because there were no cities/exchanges starting with 2 letters of JKL (no such place as KLingon, NJ!)
  • Jfv from Philadelphia, PaPeter from New York, you obviously never heard the version that the club cover band, One Eyed Jacks, used to do in the Philadelphia suburb area back in the 2000-2003 time frame, because they owned this song. Bassist, Steve Olshevski and drummer, Tim Smith, used to crush the groove you are referring to. The song was rounded out by brilliant lead guitar licks from Bill Sorah, top notch second guitar work from John Leven and virtuoso keyboards from Ed Ward.
    Also, in defense of Dan from Sacramento, CA, he claims that his drummer friend, Mickey, played on a demo of this song, not the actually song that was included on the record and ultimately released as the single we know today. He also states that Mickey left the band prior to the song being recorded. There is no way you can claim that he is wrong about that based on the information you have presented. Demos are recorded all the time, often well in advance of songs taking their final shape for the polished record. Demo versions of songs will frequently feature musicians that have long since departed from the band by the time a song is finally recorded and produced in its final format. In fact, my research indicates that the original drummer of Tommy TuTone was a guy by the name of Mickey Shine, and that he also played drums on My Aim Is True, Elvis Costello‘s first album. So that part of Dan’s story synchs up nicely. The story told by Dan from Sacramento, CA might still very well be bulls--t, but not as a result of the shoddily researched facts that you have presented.
  • Peter from New York, New York, NyThis guy Mickey, who claimed he played on the demo of this all-time Classic ("867-5309") is full of crap. The bass player and singer on this genious track was JON LYONS, now know by original name, NATHAN CROW. Since recording "867-5309," Crow has gone on the has his songs recorded by and/or produe Eric Clapton meat Loaf, Brian May from Queen, Toby Keith, and even rap artist Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs 'N harmony. The drummer on the "867-5309" was Nathan Crow's long-time drummer and partner in several great bands, VICTOR CARBERRY, who Crow invited to join Tommy Tutone with him after Crow was offered the gig. I've never heard a club cover band ever correctly play the driving groove that Crow and Carberry created as part of this timeless record, and which is an often overlooked part of any hit that goes on to span generations, as this record has done. Incidentally and coincidentally, two decades after "867-5309" became the monster hit it was, Nathan Crow and Alex Call met by accident in Nashville and went on to write several great songs together.
  • Rickey from Gastonia, NcBack in 1982 when Tommy Tutone released 867-5309/Jenny I was attending Southwest JR.High in Gastonia,N.C and guess what? When people would call the 867-5309 # along with the area code it rang the school's office.Boy did the schools secretary have to feild a slew of calls.Our school had a party because of the song and the record company sent the school a gold record which was placed in the office to remind us of the song that gave my school some noterity of having the same # as 867-5309/Jenny.Right after the schools # was changed.
  • Jenny-jenny from Seattle, WaI love this song. My name is Jenny, it came out when I was in High School. In college a friend of mine would always sing to me, "Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to?" and "Jenny Jenny, you're the girl for me!" Love the song, love the memories!~
  • Mark from Shelburne, VtNot only is 867-5309 a prime number, but there is more: The band Tommy Tutone is from Willits California. No one knows exactly where the wall was that this number was seen on, but presumably it was in Tommy's home town. The area code of Willits Ca is 707. If Tommy and his band were to take a trip and he were to then get the nerve to actually call Jenny, he would have to dial 1-707-867-5309. This 11 digit number: 17078675309 is also a prime. The probability of both the 7 figit phone number and the associated 11 digit phone plus area code both being prime is quite low. This can not be a coincidence! I think that it was chosen intentionally to send a message. Our job is to determine what the message is.......
  • Roger from Chicago, IlOk,ok...... But, my question is.................
    Who is the blonde girl...That plays jenny???

    Someone had posted somewhere it was karen morton.

    But there is no mention of it at all, on her own website.

    Anyone?? Any ideas??? Thanks.
  • Paul from Kennewick, WaGets me rockin' every time I hear it! Reminds me of a tavern maid by the same name who I tried to help out but who left town. All the best Jenny girl, wherever you are.
  • Doug from Kansas City, Mowell it just so happens that back in 82 when I first heard this song I had just broken up with my girlfriend (Jenny R***er) and it was a painful one at that as she was very special. I eventually got over it but still think of her when I hear this song.
  • Annie from Lombard, IlJenny WAS ALSO SUNG BY DOOK (FROM THE Rock-afire Explosion IN Showbiz Pizza Place), his true voice Duke Chauppetta.
  • Kitty from Houston, Txi tryed calling 832 867 5309 i heard the song play and then it went to voice mail i also tryed 866 it was a plumbing company any ways i have to call every time the song plays also i found this site some nerd called every area code and 867 5309 check it out!
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlBy the way, who picks up when you call the number?
    Or is it a fake number?
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlWhen I was about 8 years old we were learning number places in math. The song was on the radio a lot, and I had it stuck in my head. Thinking it funny, when I was supposed to write a number on the board that the teacher orally said to me, I wrote "8,675,309". It turned out to be the correct answer! I love this song-It's so catchy.
  • Badger from Los Angeles, CaI am from Los Angeles. When the song was released I was in the USAF stationed in Hawaii. Coincidentally I was madly in love with a woman named Jenny whom lived next door. Though she was married I was smitten.. I imageined 8675309 was her # as a fantacy. The song was perfect for my feelings. I quit the pursuit of an US by letting THEM be forever in their lives and in my heart.
  • Mooseboy from Lincoln, NeI've played in cover bands forever, and it's always interesting to try and figure out when people ask for a phone number... are they asking for a Wilson Pickett song, or a Tommy Tutone song?
  • Katie from Fairfield, OhI love this song! Everytime I hear it, I have to call the number.
  • Darrell from EugeneI would love to have 867-5309 as my home phone number, but I live outside of the area in which it would normally be in service. Possible answering-machine message: "Hello, you have reached the home of Darrell and Serena. Jenny is not here, nor will she ever be. If you are looking for Jenny, hang up and quit wasting your time."
  • Lance from Pittsburgh, PaThis song clearly stands out for me in March, 1982, which was my senior year of high school. I had just heard the song on the radio days before, and I remember walking in the high school hallway going to my locker when I guy named John H said "hey, I did anybody hear that new song yet called "8675-309?" I thought I was the only one who liked it. 25 years later, still a cool song!
  • Michael from San Diego, CaWho hasn't dialed this number at least once? Classic 80's song!
  • Angie from Ocean Springs, MsI was 11 in 1982 and there was no caller i.d. so my friends and I called 867-5309 in all known area codes and we never did contact Jenny. I still love that song....even though I only hear it once every couple of years. I'm 11 all over again.
  • Danny from Winsted, Ctgood song. a friend of mnie dialed the # and got someone from missouri
  • Dennis from Anchorage, AkAt my sister's house she had a list of various real phone numbers written on the kitchen wall next to the phone (remember when the phone was built into the wall?) But mixed in there with names of family, friends and pizza places was "Jenny - 867-5309." It always made me chuckle.
  • Kerry from Detroit, MiAlmost 10 years ago I acquired the phone number 867-5309 in the (313) area code to promote my mobile disc jocky service Rock City Dj's. It has worked out pretty well, I don't need business cards. I still get a bunch of calls from drunks and goof-balls however; it's pretty entertaining.
    Maybe I've heard from you, if not I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Joshua from Twin Cities, MnThe Snopes urban legends site has an article on the prank phenomenon surrounding this song. It points out something interesting about the phone number 867-5309: When dialed on a standard touch-tone phone, "this seemingly random combination of seven digits forms a consistent pattern as tapped out on the pad. The upward diagonal of '8-6' is followed by '7-5-3,' the upward diagonal to the left of it, which in turn is followed by '0-9,' yet another upward diagonal, this one to the right of the original starting sequence."
  • Dan from Sacramento, CaTrue Story; I am a bass player who plays in party cover bands in the Sacramento area. We play dance songs, and Jenny is one of our best. People really like to dance to this song. One day I was playing a blues gig in Jackson CA just outside Sacramento. Our drummer's drum teacher sat in with us. His name was Mickey, and he claimed to have played with Huey Lewis. He told us that he was on Elvis Costello's first album. Anyway, later on I asked him to play a local gig at a club with us. He agreed, and then I looked online for his name, and I found out that he was the original drummer for Tommy Tutone, however he had left the group before they recorded Jenny, although he had help record the demo tracks for the song. I asked him if he would like to play Jenny that night but he declined! Too bad, because that would have been a real story!!!
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InOh, so many rumors around this song, but who cares!!! It always has been a great tune and will contiune to be so along with so many other one-hit wonders from those early MTV days when we still got to see videos.
  • Jackie from Chicago, IlThis is pobably the most prank called number in the nation.
  • Savannah from Dearborn, MiYes, many people did covers. Uhm, Less than Jake, Blink 182, Bracket, and Rick Springfield. But the origional is the best. I have to afree.
  • Jennni from New York, NyBeing that my name is in this song me and my chums always have a good laugh when we listen to it and after hearing all the covers the original is still the best. !!!!!!!
  • Gywn from Niskayuna, Nyi heard that someone in the groups ex-girlfriends' name was jenny and her number was 867-5309, when they broke up he was bad at her or something like that, so to get back at her, he put her name and number in a song.
  • Mike from Clinton, MaIn addition to Uptown Girl by Billy Joel and Jennifer by Styx, this is another song between me and my girlfriend with the same name (Jenny)
  • Natasha from Chico, Cai love this song, my brother and sister called it from my sister's friend's phone w/o the friend's knowledge (in order 2 avoid any possible long distance charges)and they didn't get an answer, a message said that they needed a proper area code for the call to go through or sumthin.
  • Jon from Roeland Park, KsOh my, this is a great great song. I really liked hearing about the connection with Elvis Costello - I could imagine an obsessive Costello singing this one himself back in the day.
  • Steve from Wallingford, PaLess Than Jake has done a pretty kicking-cover of this song, which is featured in one of the ESPN Summer X-Games video games.
  • Joe from Los Angeles, Cain "family guy", stewie thinks this is his home phone number when he calls lois.
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrI received news that somebody who lives somewhere in Pennsylvania actually had this phone number. However, when a lot of people tried to dial it, the operator would say, "The number you have dialed, 867-5309, has been disconnected. 867-5309, has been disconnected. No further information is available about, 867-5309."
  • Jefferson from Nekoosa, Wi"The true story: Alex Call came up with the digits for the 80s hit. He made it up sitting under a plum tree. Who was Jenny? Nobody. The name just had the right number of syllables."

    Nope. Yuo are wrong.
  • Jme from Raleigh, Nci love this song! it's so catchy, although i feel sorry for people who have this phone number
  • Shirley from Ocean, NjThe true story: Alex Call came up with the digits for the 80s hit. He made it up sitting under a plum tree. Who was Jenny? Nobody. The name just had the right number of syllables.
  • Evan from Acworh, Gai feel so sorry for people who have this phone number...
  • James from San Bernardino, CaThe part about there being a real Jenny is an Urban Legend. Read the recent book As Luck Would Have It by Joshua Piven. He talks about how the song was just a song -- perhaps inspired by an earlier song with a phone number as its title, and the record company made up the story to make it more interesting.
  • Jade from Sterling Heights, MiMy sister was named for this song.
  • Michael from Akron, OhI worked at a radio station in Florida when this song was a hit. A listener in the area had the same phone number and kept calling and threatening to sue us because of all the calls he was receiving. We kept playing it anyways.
  • Kelsey from Milan, IlBlink 182 did a cover of this song, also.
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