We Walk On

  • Like my father before me
    I consider a past I can't understand
    As I grasp at a moment that slips through my hands
    And I stumble toward a future
    Half faith and half fear
    And my innocent visions no longer so clear
    I walk on

    Now I don't know where the days go
    They turn into weeks they turn into years
    Summers turn into Christmas
    Then they all disappear
    And children turn from their child-like trust
    As their laughter is turned into tears
    Still they listen for the voices
    That we all used to hear
    They walk on

    From the flash of conception
    To the flowers on a grave
    From the joy of a birth
    To the coming of age
    From the freedom of the school yard
    To the man at his work
    From the safety of a mother's arms
    To the ends of the earth
    We walk on

    We walk on through the darkness
    We walk on toward the light
    Through the confusion and illusion
    Through the floods and the fire
    We walk back to the future
    Walk away from the flame
    We walk back to the beginning
    Where we're given a new name
    We walk on
    we walk on


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