You Will Go Free

Album: Romeo Unchained (1986)
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  • You've been a prisoner baby
    Been a prisoner all your life
    Held captive in an alien world
    Where they hold your need for love to your throat like a knife
    And they make you jump
    And they make you do tricks
    They take what started off such an innocent heart
    And they break it and break it and break it
    Until it almost can't be fixed

    Well I don't know when
    And I don't know how
    I don't know how long it's gonna take
    I don't know how hard it will be
    But I know
    You will go free

    Now you can call it the devil
    Call it the big lie
    Call it a fallen world
    Whatever it is, it ruins almost everything we try
    It's the sins of the fathers
    It's the choices we make
    It's people screaming without making a sound
    From these prison cells in paradise
    Where we're chained to our mistakes

    Well I don't know when
    And I don't know how
    I don't know how much it's gonna cost you
    Probably everything
    But I know
    You will go free

    You can't see the jailer
    You can't see the bars
    You can't turn your head around fast enough
    But it's everywhere you are
    It's all around you
    And everywhere you walk these prison walls surround you

    But in the midst of all this darkness
    In the middle of this night
    I see the truth cut through this curtain like a laser
    Like a pure and holy light
    And I know I can't touch you now
    And I don't want to speak too soon
    But when we get sprung
    From out of these cages baby
    God knows what we might do

    Well I don't know when
    And I don't know how
    I don't know if you'll be leaving alone
    Or if you'll be leaving with me
    But I know
    You will go free

    I know the truth will set you free
    The truth about who you are
    the truth about who you were always meant to be Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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