First Time
by Tyga

Album: Careless World (2010)
  • (feat. Pharrell)

    I know you wanna feel the girl (first time)
    now take it easy the first time
    first time, first time, first time, first time
    first time, first time, first time
    first time, I aint trying to hurt you now
    but I think I'm in love for the first time
    top 9 certified
    but I think I'm love for the first time
    top 9 certified
    I think I'm love for the first time

    [Tyga - Verse 1:]
    First time I laid eyes
    I looked around, heaven's angel from the sky
    it must be a message from God
    cause you the only thing on my mind
    let me show you why
    tunnel of love let's float inside
    girl grab my hand now hold your ride
    take a chance for life, roll the dice
    next day we in paradise
    promise to be loyal when honest
    help out your family
    with a couple dollars
    I do my best for you
    cause you my shorty
    so rest your head on my shoulders
    it feels good, don't it baby


    [Tyga - Verse 2:]
    I know you aint scared of tiger's
    I get around, they say my sex on fire (fire)
    do it all night, keep you smiling
    used to be a player but I'm retired
    ugh, as I lay down right beside ya
    no shirt, it's kinda hard to be quiet
    she said hold me close never let go
    I got that good love girl, oh you didn't know
    uh, give ya kiss, ear to ya neck
    relax, rub ya back
    make it wet
    I know love have you going crazy
    but it feel good, don't it baby


    [Pharrell - Bridge:]
    Hey young girl, irl-ir-ir-irl-irl (wassup baby)
    Hey young girl, irl-ir-ir-irl-irl (ever been in love)
    Hey young girl, irl-ir-ir-irl-irl (I know you wanna feel it)
    Hey young girl, irl-ir-ir-irl-irl



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