God Part II
by U2

Album: Rattle And Hum (1988)
  • Don't believe the devil
    I don't believe his book
    But the truth is not the same
    Without the lies he made up

    Don't believe in excess
    Success is to give
    Don't believe in riches
    But you should see where I live
    I, I believe in love

    Don't believe in forced entry
    Don't believe in rape
    But every time she passes by
    Wild thoughts escape
    I don't believe in death row
    Skid row or the gangs
    Don't believe in the Uzi
    It just went off in my hand
    I, I believe in love

    Don't believe in cocaine
    Got a speed-ball in my head
    I could cut and crack you open
    Do you hear what I said
    Don't believe them when they tell me
    There ain't no cure
    The rich stay healthy
    While the sick stay poor
    I, I believe in love

    Don't believe in Goldman
    His type like a curse
    Instant karma's going to get him
    If I don't get him first
    Don't believe that rock 'n' roll
    Can really change the world
    As it spins in revolution
    It spirals and turns
    I, I believe in love

    Don't believe in the 60's
    The golden age of pop
    You glorify the past
    When the future dries up
    Heard a singer on the radio
    late last night
    He says he's gonna kick the darkness
    'Til it bleeds daylight
    I, I believe in love


    I feel like I'm falling
    Like I'm spinning on a wheel
    It always stops beside of me
    With a presence I can feel
    I, I believe in love
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  • Leo from Westminster 1, MdAgain, what Bono is writing about here in God Part 2 is the shameful obsession we have with celebrity/Pop Culture/Surreal Reality and the entrapment of nostalgia, something that U2 disowns-"You glorify the past and the Future Dries up!...I don't believe in Goldman/His type like a curse/Instant Karma's gonna get him/If I don't get him first...I Believe in Love!" U2 sure didn't like what Albert Goldman did to John Lennon's memory or Rock's very Soul and Existence by writing Tell-all books. All we have to do is get beyond Hollywood and Celebrity and get on with our American Lives-that's why U2's inspired Heartland Rock is timeless. Bono is a caring and committed frontman/artist who truly Loves America. America is very Lucky and fortunate to have and love U2 because U2 Rock Hard!
  • T from London, United KingdomActually, God Part II hasn't been played live since 1990, so the Goldman to Osama thing is wrong.
  • Carolyn from Arlington, Txoutstanding song--the coolest they've done and that's saying alot....
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtThough rarely ever played live, they include it in their set every once and a great, great while. After 9/11, when the song was sometimes played during concerts, Bono changed "Goldman" to "Osama".
  • Joshua from Twin Cities, MnThe line quoted by Alejandro is actually just one of several self-contradictory lyrics in the song. My personal favorite: "I don't believe in the Uzi - it just went off in my hand..."
  • Alejandro from Mexico D.f., Mexicocontaines the lyric "I dont believe in riches... but you should see where I live"
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