by U2

  • October
    And the trees are stripped bare
    Of all they wear
    What do I care?

    And kingdoms rise
    And kingdoms fall
    But you go on and on Writer/s: Adam Clayton, Paul Hewson, Dave Evans, Lary Mullen
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Steve from Torrance, CaBono, from the book "Touch the Flame": "October is transitional - it's just a phrase, an interlude. I liked the sound of the word - it's very Germanic and has the feeling of industry about it. Plus it's a colder word and a strong symbol."
  • Dan from Gales Ferry, CtAlso refers to Bono's disillusionment with the world. "October, and the leaves are stripped bare..." refers to the feeling in the beginning of the 80s that though previous generations and glorified the spread of democracy and the space race, now there was mass unemployment and that the "october harvest" had left them with nothing to work with ("the trees are stripped bare")
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtSongs take on different means to everyone. To me, the song always spoke of depression and being completely apathetic about yourself and what occurs around you.
  • Norma Jean from Seabrook, NhI believe the song was actually written about Bono's mother passing away.
  • Rich from Commack, NyIt's surre a very short song, (exactly 2:22) but the Edge has some talent playing the piano. Good job, guys!
  • Jordan from Springfeild, Arthere IS something like that you crazy jane...ask bono and check your facts...
  • Bimali from Colombo, Icelandyou crazy joe.. there's nothing like it
  • Jordan from Springfeild, Arout of U2's 10 studio albums 5 have been released in october i tell ya bono has something for October
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