It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door

Album: They're Only Chasing Safety (2004)
  • I've been up at this all night long
    I've been drowning in my sleep
    I've prayed for your safe place
    And its time for us to leave

    Time is running on empty and the gas is running out
    I've decided that tonight is the night
    That I set love aside
    Full speed ahead this seems to be the place
    I've seen this once before
    Planned perfection sought in my dreams
    Hoping this would take you home

    My knuckles have turned to white
    There's no turning back tonight
    So kiss me one last time

    Around this turn where the cross will cast your shadow
    The people will all gather
    To remember such a day where the flames grew as high
    As trees
    And the world stopped for you and me

    My knuckles have turned white
    There's no turning back tonight
    So hold on tight
    Kiss me one last time
    Shut your eyes

    I will now bring new meaning to the word alone
    Endless nights of dreaming of life
    And the days we should have spent here

    Drowning in my sleep I'm drowning in my sleep

    Glass shatters and comes to a halt
    I thought we'd be there by now
    I thought it would be so much quicker than this

    Pain has never been so brilliant
    I made sure you were buckled in
    Now you can walk hand in hand with him Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Corey from Richmond, VaI agree with Kendace. That seems about right
  • Kandace from San Diego, CaThe story that I was told and am sticking to is:

    It's a story about a guy who is madly in love with his girlfriend. I'm not sure if it's a member of the band or not. But the guy has a dream one night that his girlfriend get's into a car crash and dies. He then wakes up and realizes it was just a dream and she is laying right next to him. That day, his girlfriend has to go to work and he makes sure that she is buckled up and kisses her one last time. Then on her way to work she actually does get in a crash and dies. Hence the lines, "I've seen this once before
    Planned perfection sought in my dreams" because he saw it in his dream and the line, "I made sure you were buckled in
    Now you can walk hand in hand with him" because he made sure she was buckled up yet still died and is in heaven. The reason his fists are white are because he's so angered at himself that she died that he punches everything. So apparently she crashed into a pole and the car caught on fire and the flames were "as tall as trees."

    You don't have to believe me or judge me. That's just what I believe. :]
  • Alex from Corpus Christi, TxOk First Off This song is not about Spencer getting in a car crash, let me make it clear that Dallas Taylor the old singer of Underoath did get in a car accident and wrote When the Sun Sleeps, Spencer Chamberlain the recent Vocalest said in a interview that this song was written based on a dream he had, that I don't what it was about.
  • Austin from Knoxville, Tnok, so i might be completely off, but from reading the lyrics and understanding the band's religious stance,I've come to a conclusion. The car crash was not intentional, but an accident.(It's DANGEROUS Business...) He is in deep regret from his girlfriend/wife dying, but finally comes to the conclusion that she he is with God, but the lyrics are a look back at what went through his mind during the crash. Again, Im Probably totally off.
  • Tim from Mission Viejo, CaOK so I could be totally wrong about this, but I think he gets in a car accident and his wife goes into a coma. Then he has to kill her by pulling her off life support hence the line "I'm drowning in my sleep."
  • Josh from Graham, Wathis song is first of all based off of a dream that spencer had a lot of people say its about dallas late wife but underoath denies that
    i think its about him killing his girlfriend so that she can be with god
    i noticed a lot of people questioning this song because it is talking about murder
    but its all metaphorical underoath would not write a song about murder i believe he had this dream as a sign that he needed to break up with his girlfriend so that both of them could walk closer with god
    "now you can walk hand in hand hand in hand with him"
    she can now be closer to god without him in the way
  • Alyss from Albany, NyUm. I have a question for Haley. Where can I find someplace online, where I can read this article. I went to the AP magazine site, but there is no option to read the article. Do you know where I could find it...?
  • Jorge from Canton, Gai think this song is a tribute to dallas the old singer
    because he fell asleep at the wheel while he and his fiance' were driving and She did not make it
    like the car crash in the background and when he says"drowning in my sleep"
  • Cassie from Calgary, Canadak i read an interview with Spencer, and he said that both him and Aaron wrote the song together, and that the song is based on a dream Spencer had.
  • Jakk from Austin, Txthe song is about a man taking his wife out on a car ride so that he can intentionnally get in a wreck and kill them both. she does not know about his plan so she is basically getting murdered. he loves her so much that he will damn his sould to hell to see her with god. the song was written during the dallas taylor era of underoath, it is an old song. dallas may have even written some parts of it himself
  • Valerie from Kalamazoo, MiOk I have a question. I understand that the car crash was intentional so that the couple could be with God. However intentionally killing yourself is sucide and sucide is big time sin. So they wouldn't be with God anyway. So how is it that the car crash benefited them?
  • Zak Geist from Palmyra, PaOk, the only person who has any clue what they are talkin about is Jordyn. This songis all about a car crash. It was done on purpose so his girlfriend and possibly himself could go to heaven and meet god. Underoath is a christian band people. This whole song is about a carcrash, DUHH haley. There trying to get to god!!! Its a carcrash on purpose!
  • Haley from Somewhere, TxI have an issue of AP magazine in which Underoath is the cover story in which they are interveiwed. Their whole Album "They're Only Chasing Safety" is written by the drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie and he's quoted that the album is about finally cutting off a relationship between a girl that he had been dating for several years & "It's Dangerous Buisness Walking Out Your Front Door" is not at all about a car crash, it's about the relationship. The idea of a car crash is stupid, have you heard of 'figurative language'? Not only so but most of the time the setting of the music video, and the content of music videos themselves have nothing to do with what the artists true purpose of the song. Believe me, that is a false meaning of the song. I agree with the people that say it's not about a car crash, and their proof is more sensiable.

  • Jordyn from Bow, WaThis song isn't about him feeling regret, it is about him loving his girlfriend so much that he killed her so that she could go and see God. "I thought it would be so much quicker than this." Doesnt sound like an accident to me.
  • Christina from Decatur, IlI'm assuming that the other person is actually a girlfriend or something because in the second verse he says "Time is running, it's running on empty And the gas is running out I've decided tonight is the night That I let love aside" and also in the chorus he says "My knuckles have turned to white There's no turning back tonight
    Kiss me one last time"
  • Mattyb from The Burg, Md"Pain has never been so brilliant
    I made sure you were buckled in
    Now you can walk hand in hand with him." I think this is referring to the singer's guilt at the car crash that killed his friend. At the same time, however, he is reflecting on how his friend is now "holding hands with Him." Him, being Christ (UnderOath is a Christian band.)
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