Love You Gently

Album: Here I Stand (2008)
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  • First see the city sky lights
    Shining from my room
    You're such a sight to see
    In the month of June
    Beautiful like the moons
    Reflection when it's passing off your skin
    And before you let me in I hear you say

    "It's been a long time"
    I say, "Okay, 'kay, 'kay"
    Don't worry I got you
    Then you say
    "How bout some foreplay?"
    Got that, got plenty
    I got you
    Then you say
    "Play some slow whine" (music)
    Got that Sade, Al Green, and Marvin Gaye to

    (Love you gently) to love you gently
    Ooh-oh, let me love you gently, ooh (let me touch you gently)

    Lay back relax
    Girl I'ma be
    Light as a feather
    But, hard as a rock
    'Cause daddy know just what you like (ooh)

    Gonna love you
    Gently (gonna love you, baby, gentle with you, babe)
    Ooh-oh, light as a feather
    But hard as a rock (yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah)

    See I know just when to finish
    And I know just when to start
    And I be lovin' your reaction
    Every time I hit that spot
    (Gently) but it's soft like leather
    (Gently) but the top is hard
    (Gently) whisper your pleasures
    (Gently) and I'll do my job

    Make it rain intense
    Girl, let me do what I do
    I don't know what's echoing louder
    The music or you

    (Gently) I ain't close to being done yet
    (Gently) but you gettin' real warm
    (Gently) like the comin' of thunder
    (Gently) right after the storm

    Do you say, you say
    Do you say girl? (make it repeat, ooh)

    Gonna push you to the limit, oh-ooh
    It's yours, it's yours
    See, second place'll win the race
    I'm gonna be your number one
    To the sunshine, oh whoa, whoa-oh

    Here comes the sun, baby (waiting forever more)
    Let's try to taste the moon again
    Forever more

    Let me touch you gently
    Oh-oh, that's the sound of love
    Rip them shades off the wall
    Light as feather
    But hard as rock

    Ooh, this might not be in the bedroom
    But I'ma gonna love you girl gently (gonna love you gently)
    Ooh-ooh, light as a feather (I love you)
    But hard as a rock (hard as a rock, hard as a rock, yeah-yeah)

    Let me touch you
    Gently (ooh-oh, hey)
    Wanna love you, wanna love you
    Light as a feather
    But hard as a rock (I love you)

    Gonna love you
    Gently (gently, ooh-oh, oh babe, oh baby)
    Light as a feather
    But hard as a rock

    Ooh-ooh oh, can you feel me, girl?

    Uh no
    We don't need no room
    All we need is me and you
    Want to love you Writer/s: Andre Harris, Raheem De Vaughn, Vidal Davis
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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