More Human Than Human

Album: Astrocreep 2000 (1995)
Charted: 51
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  • Yeah, I am the Astro-Creep
    A demolition style hell
    American freak, yeah
    I am the crawling dead
    A phantom in a box
    Shadow in your head, say
    Acid suicide
    Freedom of the blast read the fucking lies, yeah
    Scratch off the broken skin
    Tear into my heart, make me do it again, yeah
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    More human than human
    More human than human
    More human than human

    More human than human
    More human than human
    More human than human

    Yeah, I am the jigsaw man
    I turn the world around with a skeleton hand
    Say, I am electric head
    A cannibal core, a television said, yeah
    Do not victimize
    Read the motherfucker psychoholic lies, yeah
    Into a psychic war
    I tear my soul apart
    And I eat it some more, yeah
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    More human than human
    More human than human
    More human than human

    More human than human
    More human than human
    More human than human

    Yeah, I am the ripper man
    A locomotion mind, love American style, yeah
    I am the Nexus-One
    I want more life, fucker
    I ain't done yet

    More human than human
    More human than human
    More human than human
    More human than human

    More human than human
    More human than human
    More human than human
    More human than human Writer/s: Jay Noel Yuenger, Rob Wolfgang Zombie, Shauna Yseult Reynolds
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 28

  • Left Body Kick from Middle Class UsaThis music takes me back to a different time, about seven or eight years ago when I was with my prior girlfriend- we went to a place called Casa Laguna. Now I am no spiritual advisor but this music was on and she was nice enough to give me a massage that weekend and I swear - I still remember that massage was different. There was a different energy. She gave me a massage and we both “stepped out of body”. That was the first time we were together out of town I’ll never forget it. I wanted to feel her touch more after that. As if she put the hook into me, in a good way. I listened to the music by Vangelis when I was at a crossroads in my professional life and helped me make a major decision recently. I was talking to her thru the music. She wrote me the most beautiful cards and love letters which I still read to this day. I loved her like nobody else, and I honestly don’t want to feel that way again because that would be almost “watering down” what we had. Highly unlikely I will ever feel that way again because the Blade Runner music was one of many things that brought us together, and kept us connected, to use her terms. I miss her and those times and I think about them all the time. At the end of the day I was lucky to be with her and I am grateful. I still have a little sign I wrote to her I hope she remembers: “Darling - to me you will always be young and beautiful.”
  • Star from Germany This song is about being more human like human like these pc motherf--kers today. These people ain’t human anymore indeed they are more human than human. Nobody wants to be a freak, pervert, horny, hateful or whatever doesn’t fit in your perfect little world.
  • Geo from Cyrodiilit's a boast song...i get the 'more human than human' and replicant stuff, although to be honest, as much as i love blade runner, the electric sheep was putting me to sleep by page 50...basically, saying there is a better, badder "us" us on the horizon...i am even more human than you man...
  • Randy Knows Rock N Roll from Usa Usa Usa Usa Nexus One is rock and roll code, fellas. N.O.
    Number One...Ninth Oracle...Natural Order...
    New and Old....there is...a New Orleans
  • Brandon from Murfreesboro Tennessee The moans at the beginning of the song were taken from a porno movie from 1982 called Cathay flesh it is Heard at 41 minutes into the movie the movie café flesh Is about a nuclear catastrophe that separated the population into a positive and b negative’s A positive can have sex b positives can’t So they go to Cafe flesh to watch a positives f--k It is a really dark horror based porn. Therefore the meaning of the song is that they are more human than human because they can f--k and the others can’t. You are welcome. Zombie nation
  • Randy from Ludington Mi.The song doesn't appear to be about the movie Blade Runner at all. It appears to be about hearing something through the grape vine and provoking certain people with particular words to give more information to follow to make more music and money on. The lyrics are mixed up garbage that are designed to not be able to follow them in return to prevent having the same thing done to them causing a short life span in the area of making music (the guilt and mental illnesses setting in) at least for that particular group of band members and band name. They are very talented but need some actual lyric writing.
  • Luke from Manchester, UkAmy - Perth, they do have a inbuilt four year span and I know they do but why the hell did I type six years??
  • Josh from Champaign, Il"Commerce is a goal here at Tyrell, more human than human is our motto" - Dr. Tyrell
  • Jason from Denver, CoI am sure everyone posting comments would agree White Zombie needs to get back together!!!
  • Eric from Washingtonville, NyThe song is actually about sex. Thats why the girl is making sounds in the beginning. It makes sense beacause when he is doing her, he implies that he is "more human than the average human at having sex.
  • Shannon from Pheonix, AzSo funny i was only 5 when this song came out and I used to think he was saying "more human BBQ man" and i remember the letterman show performance!! but one thing I dont understand is the intro with the Chick
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --They performed this live on David Letterman
  • Martin from Brisbane, Australiawhy the fcuk would you say 'first..' and state your argument and then not have a second or third argument? that defeats the purpose of even saying 'first..'
  • Martin from Brisbane, Australiayou're a fcukball kris, the 'white zombie days' is an expression for the years that white zombie was around. how hard is that to understand? its just the year 1992 - 1996 or however long the white zombie outfit was in action. jus cos someone referred to it as the 'white zombie days', doesnt mean they were making a bold satement about who or what the nature of the band was. fcuk you're dumb. please dont ever voice your opinions again. they will all way short of the mark.
  • Kris from Wichita, Ksok first there's no "White zombie days" white zombie is the name of the band that plays with Rob he used to just be called white zombie but changed it
  • Spider from Greenville, ScSheri was around in the White Zombie days, go back and watch the videos closely.
  • Sanitarium from Sharon, Ks"The girl at the beginning could not be Sherri Moon, she was not around during the White Zombie days"

    Thats bullsh*t. She was on a White Zombie album cover
  • Becky from Box Springs, Gathanks rob
  • Amy from Perth, Australia@ Luke from Manchester: I could swear Replicants were only given four years...
  • Rob from Ashland, OhThe girl at the beginning could not be Sherri Moon, she was not around during the White Zombie days. My best guess would be the Bass Player Sean Ysulet, who was at the time Rob's girlfriend.
  • Becky from Box Springs, GaDoes anyone know who the girl is at the beginning of this song? For some reason I believe that it is Zombie's wife, Sherri Moon. anyone know for sure?
  • Kd. Xxx from Bath, EnglandGotta love this tune, its a classic. Not heard it for ages till today. I'm sure I heard somewhere that they got some kinda silly award for using the word "Yeeeeeeah" the most in any one song!! if not then they should!! love it. Agreed Blade Runner is a class film and in my top 10 but did you know it's from the book "Do androids dream of electric sheep"?
  • Bridgett from Fort Worth, TxHave any of you ever noticed that Rob Zombie always has some type of TV or movie reference. I love White Zombie and Rob Zombi. My favorite song is Living Dead Girl, but I do like to rock out with More Human Than the Human (which was the Nexus slogan). I love the movie Blade Runner, also.
  • Nexus 6 from Nyc, NyIt doesn't refer to Deckard,it refers to Roy. When Roy [Rutger] meets his maker, Tyrel, he explains that he wants more life. To be fixed. But Tyrel says he can't and that, "you were made as well as we could make you. The candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long, and you burned very, very brightly Roy."

    Roy doesn't like this, and squeezes Tyrel's head like a rotten grape.

    Also, reps [Nexus 6] are made with a 4 year life span, not 6.

    "More human than human" only refers to the Nexus 6 series. Because they learn to feel true emotion. Also, they are given false memories. "Gift them with a past." --it makes them more stable.

    Anyway. It's my favorite movie if you didn't notice. But, I actually don't like WZ that much.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis is a good song, but the best White Zombie song is Black Sunshine.
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InI never knew this had any connection to Blade Runner,but now I know. This tune rocks, but so does most all of his tunes.
  • Vaughn from Portland, MeDeckard was Harrison Fords Charcter, it was Rutger Hauer's character Roy who is a 'replicant' and kills his maker.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandYup, it is... The line at the end:

    "I am the Nexus One, I want more life f**ker I ain't done" is reference to Decker's character in Blade runner.

    Replicants are made with only six years of life but Decker hadn't experienced everything he wanted to experience so he attacked his make with the line "I want more life f**ker"
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