Magic's Wand

Album: Whodini (1983)
Charted: 47
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  • [Woman ]
    Oh my God, I think I'm having a rap attack..
    [Ecstacy ]
    Somebody get a doctor!
    Quick, man
    She's having an attack!
    [Jalil ]
    She said 'rap attack', man, not 'heart attack'
    [Ecstacy ]
    Oh, you mean she's alright then?
    [Jalil ]
    Of course, man
    You never heard of a Mr. Magic Rap Attack?
    Where is this guy from, man?
    [Ecstacy ]
    Oh, I heard of a heart attack or a big mac attack
    But what's a rap attack?
    [Jalil ]
    Come here, man, I see I'ma have to explain it to you like this
    See, a rap attack means..

    [Jalil ]
    Deejays jammin in the street
    MC's rappin to the beat
    The people downstairs sayin they can't sleep
    'Cause the people upstairs are stompin their feet
    It's not like they're startin a riot
    "We'll call the cops, cause we want some quiet!"
    There's no need for them to get excited
    They're just mad because they're not invited

    (It's all in Mr. Magic's Wand)

    [Ecstacy ]
    Oh see, now I understand what a rap attack is
    [Jalil ]
    Well, it's about time!
    [Ecstacy ]
    All you had to do is explain it to me
    But let me ask you a question:
    How long have they been rockin like this?

    [Jalil (& Ecstacy) ]
    Well, rapping's always been around
    (Well, it says that it's big time now)
    Every neighborhood had its own crew
    (That meant you against me) and me against you
    (They would jam every weekend at the neighborhood center)
    And charge a small price for the crowds to enter
    (The parties would be packed inside and out)
    To see who was best at rockin the house

    (It's all in Mr. Magic's..

    [Jalil ]
    'Cause then Magic went on the radio
    And everybody said: "What a way to go!"
    The moment he went on the air
    It was plain to see a new phase was here
    He started out playing mostly rap
    Then they all said: "Nobody's into that"
    Well, they all turned out to be wrong
    'Cause rappin on the mike had caught on strong
    Some still say it's not what's happenin
    After 'Rapper's Delight' went triple platinum
    The record world was in for a smash
    Sugarhill, Kurtis Blow, to Grandmaster Flash
    Blondie, Stevie Wonder, Teena Marie
    They even made a rapper out of me
    In no time at all a star was born
    And I think he owes it all to his Magic Wand

    [Ecstacy (& Jalil) ]
    Now that you heard our rap and you caught a contact
    (And by now you're all to be blasted)
    We want you all to know that we got to go
    (But it was big fun while it lasted)
    Hey why'all, but we'll be back again, so tell all your friends
    (Good things don't always come to an end)
    With somethin innovative (to rock you all well)
    From Ecstacy (and the Rapper Jalil) Writer/s: TOM HUGO HERMANSEN
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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