Sky Musings

Album: Visions of a Life (2017)
  • How high do planes fly?
    Forty thousand feet in the sky's how high
    Is it the pressure 'cause I'm out of my mind?
    I compress like a rocketship making me high

    And in this nighttime, playing movies
    Are prompting sky musings
    Life seems so confusing
    Fear-inducing, tears producing
    Maybe it's this mini wine
    Maybe it's this storyline
    Two beautiful to move on the night of their lives
    Never meet again 'til he's married has a wife
    And now I think of all the people I've cared for
    Did love pass me by when I had things I was scared of
    'Cause I feel so, when I should feel
    I feel so, and when I should feel
    Stupid films for a stupid girl

    Look out of your window, you're on top of the world
    Twenty-three years old and you're acting like it's over
    Only over if we crash, hit the ground down below us
    If we crash, if we crash, imagine that
    If we crash

    I don't want to land no more, sink my feet into the sand no more
    I'll float forever in the interim
    No place in particular, no sink or swim
    Just fly, I don't understand no more
    I had life figured out before
    Will my head stay up in the clouds when they open those dark and heavy metallic doors?
    Twenty minutes before we're back on the ground
    No keep this thing going turn this fucking thing around
    Ma'am you need to wear your safety belt
    Well, wring it around my neck maybe that will help
    I'm sorry, I lost myself for a minute
    Could I have a glass of water?

    God, is that you?
    I guess I'm closer up here
    I could really use some help
    Can you hear me?
    Can you hear me?

    New phase
    New phase
    New phase
    New phase
    New phase
    New phase
    New phase
    New phase
    New Writer/s: Ellen Ciara Rowsell, Joel Donald Scott Amey, Jonathan David Oddie, Theodore Joseph Ellis
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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