Into The Lens
by Yes

  • Memories, how they fade so fast
    Look back, that is no escape
    Tied down, now you see too late
    Lovers, they will never wait

    I am a camera

    Take heart, I could never let you go
    And you, always let the feeling show
    Love us all, how you never broke your heart
    You lose them
    If you feel the feeling start

    I am a camera, camera, camera

    And you, may find time will blind you
    This to just remind you
    All is meant to be

    There, by the waterside
    Here, where the lens is wide
    You and me
    By the sea
    Taken in tranquility

    Taken, taken so easily
    To pass into glass reality
    Transform, to transfer, to energy

    Taken, taken, so easily
    To pass into glass reality
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  • Luis from San Juan, Puerto RicoOf course, someone should have taken in consideration the Lady of Shallot conclusion arrangement and used it in Into the Lens musical introduction.
  • Luis from San Juan, Puerto RicoFor me, and maybe if you do some listening, Chris Squire heard the final arrangements of "Lady of Shallot" from an Israeli group called Atmosphera that sounded like Yes. They were youngsters and they recorded only one LP. Listen to the complete song or to minute 15 of and you will hear the introductory musical concept of Into the Lens... They recorded this album in 1975 and for me they had musical virtuosity. The singer sounds like Anderson, and the drummer is really Brufford alike.
  • Bob from Oakland, Ca"I am a Camera" is the title of a play by John Van Druten. That play was later the basis for the musical "Caberet."
  • Steveb from Spokane, WaThis is around the time(or a little later than) when Yes' lyrics became either much too literal, very corny, or most of the time both.
  • Adrian from Brookings, SdDrama is probably a better album than Tormato before it, but I just can't get past it. Yes is not Yes without Jon Anderson on vocals! And the whole "I am a Camera" is just as cheesy as "Don't Kill the Whale" or "Circus In Heaven."
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