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by Greg Prato

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Think "Scorpions," and such tunes as "No One Like You," "Rock You Like a Hurricane," and "Wind of Change" immediately come to mind - as they were massive radio and MTV hits. But the group's earlier period in the 1970s saw the band rocking harder - no doubt due to the fact that two legendary guitarists passed through their ranks from 1972-1979, Michael Schenker (twice, in fact) and Uli Jon Roth.

For my 19th book overall, German Metal Machine: Scorpions in the '70s, I decided to focus solely on this era of the band that doesn't seem to get the attention/credit it deserves, as it was precisely this period that would go on to influence such renowned artists as Yngwie Malmsteen, as well as the majority of thrash metal bands (including Metallica's Kirk Hammett, who penned the book's foreword).

How much do you know about the Scorpions in the '70s? You are about to find out!
~Greg Prato
German Metal Machine: Scorpions in the '70s is available for purchase as paperback and Kindle version here and as a Nook version here.

Read excerpts here and here.
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