Now You Know

Album: Dress To Kill (2010)


  • 2Cents is a metal band from Los Angeles, California, who were formed in 2005 by brothers, Adam (lead vocals, drums) and Dave O'Rourke (guitar, vocals). They released their first album, Lost At Sea, in 2006 and after spending several years on the road, the O'Rourkes regrouped with two new band members, Adair Cobley (guitar) and Jason Wendell (bass). The group signed with Eight O Five Records and released the album, Dress To Kill in April 2010. This heartfelt track is the second single from the record.
  • Adam O'Rourke told FMQB about the track: "I've always considered lyrics and a message to be the most important part of the band, and I'm probably more proud of the lyrics I wrote for that song than any other song I've ever written in my life. Sometimes it just falls out of you and you know it's correct and honest and not forced. Everyone contributed their own melodic parts to that song and it's a culmination of all of our work together. I'm incredibly proud of the lyrics and I'm proud that people are going to be able to hear that. With certain songs I like people to take away their own interpretation and meaning from the lyrics, and then with other songs I love to be completely caveman – blunt, primal and very specific. But with 'Now You Know,' I very much want people to interpret that however they need to."


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