Ghetto Gospel
by 2Pac

Album: Loyal To The Game (2004)
Charted: 1
  • This song features Elton John, as it samples his song "Indian Sunset" from his 1971 album Madman Across the Water. A small but important part had been changed: in Tupac's version 2 completely different lines were mixed together saying, "And peace to this young warrior... without the sound of guns." The original song by Elton John goes, "And peace to this young warrior... comes with a bullet hole" (as it deals with Geronimo's fate), thus giving a rather ironic twist to Tupac's version. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Richard - Frankfurt, Germany
  • The lyrics discuss the evil Tupac perceived in society and state a number of reasons our lives are ruled by fear. He pays tribute to murdered black activists Malcolm X and Bobby Hutton.
  • Towards the end of the music video for the song, Tupac is shot but then appears at his own funeral, fueling rumors that the rapper's death was faked. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    John Smith - Southington, CT, for all above

Comments: 10

  • Meena from Brisbane, AustraliaEminem's re-enactment was slowed down to his beat 2pac was an extraordinary rapper and he was making people realize that when you want something to be done you have to do it yourself, also when 2pac says 'We can' t have peace until we have peace in the streets' he means that if people actually put their differences aside we'd all just realize we're all human.
  • Nathnael from Home, Ethiopia2pac preached LOVE and PEACE JUST like THE KING JESUS
  • Nathnael from Home, EthiopiaU R
  • Dawn from Palmerston North, New ZealandI am not a big rap lover, but this song gets to me because you could say that everyone wants a preaceful world without the badness around.
    Dawn, PNth, NZ
  • Kris from Wichita, KsI think youre mistaken and thinking that this song is " I aint mad at cha" because that video Pac is shot and is at his own funeral. Either way this song is amazing and top 10 of Tupac's best songs
  • Ani from Yerevan, ArmeniaI am not a hardcore fan of rap, but as for me, this the most amazing rap song I've ever heard!:)
  • Fulu Thompho from Limpopo, South AfricaIn this song, everybody can see that 2pac never loved violent. It addresses some seroius social issues that everyday people enounter throughout theirs
  • Shush from Sydbey, AustraliaYeah, about the "Tupac appearing at his own funeral" part... that doesn't happen, unless ur suggesting that Tupac is the kid in the clip, which doesn't make much sense
  • Karl from Spokane, WaYep. Eminem totally reworked the song. I prefer the original version (bootleg) more.
  • Chris from Mechanicsburg, PaThis song was slowed down dramatically to fit producer Eminem's beat. Also for the released version, the line "We never really went through that, cus we were born B.C., you and me before crack". In the original, this line appears in the first verse.
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