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Album: When Your Heart Stops Beating (2006)


  • "Lycanthrope" is the term for a person who can turn into a werewolf. The song refers to a man turning into a werewolf while he's out with his girlfriend. He's telling her to run away before she gets: "And my dear i need you to move a little faster this second counts for the rest of your life." >>
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    Stein - Brisband, IA

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  • Katy from Atkinson , NhTotally agree with Shelby
  • Jessica from St.louis, MoI'm definately not one of those people to pick +44 over angels and airwaves, or vice versa.I love Blink-182 +44 and Angels and airwaves!!!
  • Christina from Houston, TxI agree with Shelby.
  • Adam from Apple Valley, MnOk, I don't care what anybody else says. Yes it was kind of dickish for Tom to have his agent call Mark and Travis to break up the band. But none the less Tom Delonge is still an amazing musician, I mean I really miss Blink, but Angels and Airwaves is amazing too.
  • Doug from Las Vegas, Nvyeah bob i think at their last show tom was turning into a werewolf and travis and mark ran from him and hated his dark secret which is why tom wears black a lot so it blends in with his fur and that caused the breakup, travis is allergic to fur and marks dad is a priest.
  • Shelby from Long Island, NyWow...Is it just me, or does this sound like a certain michael Jackson video???
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