Candy Shop

Album: The Massacre (2005)
Charted: 4 1
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  • The lyrics are about oral sex ("Lick the lollipop"). The sexual imagery is pretty blatant, and many radio stations played a heavily edited version.
  • The intro samples "Love Break" by The Salsoul Orchestra. Rap pioneers Eric B. and Rakim's sampled the song on "Paid In Full."
  • In the US, this was #1 for nine weeks. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France, for all above
  • The first ever candy was made in Ancient Egypt where honey was mixed with various fruits, herbs, nuts, and spices. The resulting candy was then used as an offering to the Egyptian gods. (from the book Food for Thought: Extraordinary Little Chronicles of the World by Ed Pearce)
  • The line "I melt in your mouth girl, not in your hand" is another metaphor for oral sex. It is a reference to advertising slogan for M&M chocolate candy.

Comments: 28

  • No from NoIt talks about a strip club. How gross. When they say "lets take a trip to the candy shop, get something sweet and lolly" it's talking about lets go to the strip club to grab some tits.
  • Alexis from Salem, Orwow, i like the song, but if my mom heard this song.........YIKES!!!! Not the most wholesome song (Lol) I love this song and 5 sent.....
  • Marley from Springfield, NjThis song is a wonderful insight on the human condition.
  • Catron from Memphis, Tni love 50 cent he's a great rapper and i love this song
  • Sirjon from Chicago, Ildees lyrics are way more creative den ja rule or the game 50 and g unit need a new track tho im gettin bored wit da old stuff
  • Aviva from Somewhere, Md50 cent is hot. i don't care about the song though.
  • Se7 from Pomona, Cahmmm.. Okay, for all of you who said this was a terrible song with no creativity, concider the source.. the most crative thing you probably do on any given day is picc your clothing or come up with a half way convincing lie to tell your child as to why you didnt provide them with something they have asked for... you have no room to talk.. you are not made for fame.. instead you will die in obscurity. for all of you who said this is the best, most creative song you have ever heard, you, unfortunatly, fall in the same catagory as the aformentioned group.. your ineptitudes simply manifest themselves in a different way. and lastly, if you think this is great song, think of this... take the beat (which is amazing) away... would you stil listen to this song "all the time"... i doubt it.
  • Elisabeth from Toronto, CanadaThis has got to be one of the least sexy songs about sex ever. Even "Big Bottom" by Spinal Tap has got more clever lyrics than this so-called song.
  • Danielle from Palm Coast, Flwere is the romance? it sounds like a 3ed grader wrote it.
  • Mark from Austin, TxNew edited lyrics:

    I'll take you to the candy shop,
    We'll see what they got,
    but I don't have a lot,
    maybe enough for a soda pop. WOAH!
  • Bobsaget from Bellville, SdHow many people have put %0 Cent Instead of 50 Cent? DONT USE THE SHIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Atsve from Cairns, AustraliaI meant dr dre not bre.
  • Aaron from Thousand Oaks, Cathis is an ok song, but the game is a much better rapper then 50. 50's always causing problems. like he's always on a period or something.
  • Layne from New York, NyBrain just shut up. 50 has alot of creativity. I mean come on who do u think ceative? Paul Wall? You haters need to stop down grading playas like 50.
  • Michael from Manchester, EnglandThis is a very clever song. I think that 50 has been able to use subtle innuendo with great intelligence. At one point, apparently, the song was going to be titled the "Bakery Shop" with the song describing 50 Cent taking his friends to the Bakery to put the brown loaves back in the oven. However, the marketing people at 50's record company said that "Candy Shop" and "lollipops" would be more appreciated by his mainstream fans.
  • Mandie from Port Royal, Pai absolutly love 50 he is so hot and this song gave me my nickname lollipopgoddess! thanks 50
  • Becca from Minot, United States5o is hott and so is alot of his music. idc wat the rest of u say he is cool!!
  • Becca from Minot, United Statesi really like this song alot!! it is 1 of the best songs he has writtin!! and %0 is really hott!!
  • Brian from Altoona, Pamusic is still good today...there are just a lot of close minded people who dream about the good old days. i love the good old days and i love stuff to matter what anyone says...hip hop is a way of expression too..,. all this said...this song is pathetic and shows how stupid 50 is...can anyone write a damn song with creativity?
  • Chris from Copenhagen, Denmarkthis song is a load of (deleted)... nothin else than that... and to be honest almost all music released after the late nineties has been (deleted). and i really wish i had been livin in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s cuz thats when music was worth listening to. Now the music world is badly infected with rap... so sad
  • Theresa from Washington, Mookay, a lot of different opinions. i agree with a majority of them. 50 cent had much better lyrics when he was underground. i dont like songs such as this that talk about interesting as it may be, its not a form of entertainment to listen to music about any kind of sexul acts, sorry. But 50 cent should not get shot and die like Dale said...that'd be sad. if it honestly is the best song some of you had ever heard, get more of a variety in music, or listen to his old stuff please...that was depressing to read.
  • Tony from Bolingbrook, Ilit is a good song I disagree with you joe in chicago it is a great song I listen to it all the time
  • Kristyn from Youngstown, Ohone of the best songs ive ever heard!!! i absolutely love it
  • Aaron from Winnemucca, Nvright when hip hop was taking steps forward 50 realeased the massacre and took it steps back. he has a couple good cuts but he really needs to get back to when he was underground
  • Channin from Greensboro , NcThis is the best song EVER!!
  • Brandon from Saskatoon, Canadathe most metaphorical song i have ever heard, extremely creative lyrics
  • Dale from Henderson, KyAnd how dare he use a sample from rap gods Eric B and R to the A to the K I aM.
  • Joe from Chicago, Ilone of the worst songs ever!
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