• This song is a clear representation of the band's views regarding the current state of the world. The last line says, "Peace, or Annihilation," which is referring to the war for oil, and the trouble in the Middle East. The song also says, "It's your choice" meaning that we have to decide for ourselves, and can no longer let our government make our decisions. >>
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  • Eric from MinnesotaThis is basically a cover song. The lyrics in this song were directly taken from another song with the same name. The original artist was a punk band from the early 80's called Crucifix, and the song of course, was called "annihilation."
  • Steven from Jumba, TxOur government, and media are "the system dictating the norms." The norms being "Dehumanization and Arms production", the reason for these are to "hasten the nation towards it's destruction." Maynard warns about what may be the true intention of our government, and tells us that in the end it's really our choice as to what we want, as Bill Hicks describes it, a choice betweeen "Love and Fear", or "Peace or Annihilation". A short masterpiece indeed.
  • Sarah from Decatur, Aldo you see another reason for our being in Iraq besides the pointless arms to keep the people at bay? do you see an end? do you know the reason our men are dying?
  • Josh from New London, MnQuit calling it "the war for oil" -- Iraq supplies under 5% of the U.S.'s oil, you really think they're spending trillions of dollars on the war for a few billion in oil?
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