Ever Enough

Album: Wild & Free (2012)
  • Drummer Andrew Cook told AntiMusic that as a "hopeless romantic," this single from Wild & Free "has had a special place" in his heart since he first heard the demo." He explained: "When I listen to it now, I'm mainly taken back to the feelings I had while recording it (namely the cold winter nights driving back to our apartment from the studio, reflecting on the day's work). It gives me a tremendous sense of longing, and speaks to a problem I find myself having when it comes to dealing with the fairer sex, which is wondering if what I have to give will ever be 'enough.'"
  • The song deals with the insecurities so many of us struggle with concerning matters of the heart. Cook told AntiMusic: "At the end of the day, it's a sweet little narrative about the power and possibility of love. That's something we can all identify with."
  • Cook told AntiMusic that the band realized they "had a special song" when they let it play in the control room as they watched the trailer for the movie, The Notebook. "It fit perfectly," said the drummer, "and since that was kind of the aim for this song from the start, we were all really excited."


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