Album: Town Line (2011)


  • This love letter to Aaron Lewis' home state is a track from the Staind frontman's debut solo country EP, Town Line. He explained: "I live in the sticks of Massachusetts. I wrote the song sitting on the front steps of my house. In the spring, the peepers get so loud outside. When they come out, they bring on the night. It's chilling and familiar, and I've heard that sound my whole life. That's how I know I'm home."
  • Town Line was helmed by James Stroud. The legendary Country producer told Artist Direct about Lewis's recording of this song: "He sang about Massachusetts, but to me, he's singing about Texas and Louisiana where I grew up. The sentiment is the same. It's that emotional connection with where you grew up, what you're all about, and where you came from. When I listen to 'Massachusetts,' that melody is haunting. The way he sets up that chorus takes you where he came from, but it also takes me where I came from. If I could sing like that, I would say the very same thing, except where I grew up. Everybody who hears it can relate because they all come from somewhere that gives them the same sentiment he has, sings, and writes about."

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