Run Wild Horses

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  • This sexy song finds Aaron Watson singing of letting his guard down in his relationship with his wife and letting his heart run free like a wild horse.

    Run free as the wind my passion on your skin
    Your lips on mine run wild horses
    Run out of control deep down in your soul
    We become one, run wild horses run

    Watson explained to Billboard the song is a celebration of the more intimate side of his relationship with his wife Kimberley. "It's not about sex," he insisted. "It's about making love."
  • The song was inspired by a 2015 date when Watson took Kimberley to the Perini Ranch Steakhouse in the singer's hometown of Buffalo Gap, Texas. Away from the demands of their children and music career, it gave the pair a rare intimate time together.

    "We've got baseball, we've got ballet, we've got church - it's like every night there's something," said Watson. "Every once in a while, I have to go, 'Time out.' I call my mom and my dad, like, 'Hey, can you watch the kids? I need to take Kimberly out on a hot date.'"
  • Directed by Benjamin Ranzinger, the video features Watson and Kimberley re-enacting their date at the Perini Ranch.
  • Aaron Watson told The Boot that he wrote the song for a couple of reasons:

    1. He was annoyed after hearing a couple of songs on the radio where the guy meets a girl at a party, and then takes her "out to the bonfire."

    Watson explained that such lyrics have nothing to do with proper love. "If any country boy tries to sing my daughter one of those songs about how fine she looks and how he wants to take her out to the middle of nowhere, that guy will not ever be singing again," he said. "I might go to jail for a couple of months because of it, but whatever, you know? That's my baby girl. I think every father feels that way."

    2. Watson wanted to write a sexy song that makes his wife feel special in which he says, "Hey, we've been together for forever, and, girl, you still got it. In fact, you've got it more now than you had it when we met. You're sexier than ever."
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