Album: The Razors Edge (1990)
Charted: 36 23


  • Money talks, bulls--t walks. But AC/DC has little regard for what Angus Young called "the rich and the faceless," the guys in suits smoking cigars and enjoying their luxury lifestyles. The big chorus on its own sounds like a salute to money, but a listen to the verses reveals the opposite: it's a takedown of those who flaunt their wealth, and commentary on how money divides us. AC/DC got very rich, but they stayed grounded.
  • "Thunderstruck" was the lead track on The Razors Edge and the most enduring song from the album, but it wasn't sold as a single in America. "Moneytalks" was, reaching a very respectable #23 in the States.
  • A lot changed for AC/DC when they recorded The Razors Edge album, which outsold their previous three by a wide margin. For one thing, Angus and Malcolm Young wrote not on the music, but also the lyrics, a task that fell to lead singer Brian Johnson in the past. Johnson didn't have a problem with it - he said he was "out of ideas."

    Also, Malcolm Young got sober after a bout with alcoholism, and drummer Chris Slade joined the band, replacing Simon Wright. They also used a new producer, Bruce Fairbairn, a Canadian who helmed hit albums for Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi.
  • AC/DC printed their own dollar bills to promote this song, putting Angus Young on the front in place of George Washington. On the Razors Edge tour, these "Angus Bucks" would blow onto the crowd; the music video opens with one set on fire.
  • AC/DC took some liberties with the title, turning the phrase "money talks" into one word. They also played fast and loose with the grammar on the album title, leaving out the apostrophe in The Razors Edge.
  • Around the same time, there was a song with a similar title on the charts: "Dirty Cash (Money Talks)" by The Adventures Of Stevie V. That one has a similar sentiment but is an R&B tune.


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