Toys In The Attic

Album: Toys In The Attic (1975)
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  • "Toys In The Attic" is an old expression that means "Going Crazy." The song is about a guy losing his mind. >>
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  • Big Bri from Polson, MtThis song has a double meaning: they are comparing the mental state of "craziness" with the crazy reality of playing concerts. The opening line, "Lights! voices scream, nothing seems real's a dream" is exactly what it is like to walk out onto a concert stage: the lights in your eyes is all you can see while the roar of the crowd is all you can hear. In this context "toys in the attic" could be code for "t-and-a" as groupies are sure to be part of the evening's activities.
  • Allen B from DetroitI heard something completely different. Supposedly, they rented a mansion to write the third album and Steven Tyler would target shoot with a 22 in the attic, and do drugs, thus "Toys in the Attic". It makes sense, because most of the band like to shoot and have even hunted with Uncle Ted.
  • Nedkelly from Sydney, AustraliaGone fishing, hehehehe. Great euphemism....Great 'Smith song!!
  • Brian from Paris, TxThis song and this whole album kicks a$$!
  • Homer from Springfield, KyI always thought this was about literal toys in a literal attic. I guess I haave some Toys in my Attic.
  • Sam from Hipsville, CaPerhaps one of THE Best studio albums ever produced! Can remember when this came out, the follow-up of coarse to 'Get Your Wings'... and just totally blew me away. Virtually timeless as well, it sounds as fresh today as it did then.
  • Tom from Robesonia, PaREM did a good cover of this song.
  • Steven from Land O Lakes, FlThis could also be about changing from a child to a adult
  • Michelle from Bristol , PaYou need to see aerosmith play this live. The album recording is great but it doesn't even compare to how they do it live!!
  • Jason from Denver, CoThis song should have been called "Toys and the Addict".On the basis of TOYS=Drugs and ADDICTS= Aerosnith in the 70's and part of the 80's.
  • B-man from Detroit, MiI've seen them open a concert with this song on a stage thrust using just the basic instruments....completely mind blowing!!
  • Ozzi from Brookhaven, Payea this song rocks, the whole album rocks
  • Larry from Knoxville, TnThe most underrated Aerosmith song ever!
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