I Hope You Suffer
by AFI


  • This dark love ballad finds Davey Havok unleashing some inner angst as he proclaims to an ex lover:

    "I faced destruction and you just killed me and walked away
    I gave my heart to the cruel now it will not beat again
    I hope you do
    I hope you suffer
    I hope you do
    Just like I suffered."

    The song also contains a melodic breakdown in which Havok exercises some demons.
  • Guitarist Jake Puget came to Havok with the the majority of the body of the song's music written. The vocalist recalled to Loudwire: "He came and sat down with me and I read the top line to the verse and we just weren't happy with the chorus and we kept putting it aside and coming back to it and altering the chorus. Jade would go home sometimes and three weeks later he'd come back and be like, 'Oh, I worked on the chorus again' and there's almost this new part and we ended up where we were at but it took us awhile for us to realize that."
  • The cinematic video was directed by Surround and shot in black and white with gray tones. The clip took just one day to film, and was shot at Highland Park, Los Angeles.
  • This song features a piano part, which is unusual for AFI but not unique (The Sing The Sorrow track, "Silver And Cold" also includes some tinkering of the ivories). Guitarist Jade Puget explained to Noisecreep: "On the verse of that song which is a big part of the song there's no guitar at all, it's just piano and the sound in the background is actually a distorted brass, like a brass section. I was trying to create some layers that are a little different, left of center from what we're doing and take my guitar completely out it. It lends to spaciousness and really creates a bed for his vocal to sit where it's not like, cause guitars can take up a lot of space, so he has a lot of space to do that dynamic vocal."

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  • Augusto from La Plata, ArI just wanted to remark that also, older than Silver And Cold, Halloween has an entire outro performed on piano.
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