Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong

Album: Against Me! Is Reinventing Axl Rose (2004)


  • Against Me! lead singer Tom Gabel wrote this song about his grandparents. Evelyn was Tom's grandmother and James was his grandfather. James was an alcoholic but was still always good to Evelyn. His grandmother was always there for Tom growing up and lived with her on and off so Tom cares for her deeply. James died from a heart attack, and Evelyn never remarried.
  • "Guinness Gives You Strength" and "Guinness Is Good For You" are popular slogans for the Irish Stout that appear throughout Ireland, where the beer is thought to serve as medicine. Science has disproved the claim that Guinness improves health, but it's probably not in your best interest to mention that in Ireland, where folks swear by it, and in some cases give it to their kids when they get sick.

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  • Rick from Medicine Hat, AbNow I registered just to comment on this

    First of all, lets realize that "Billy from Boston" paid money for a ticket to see Green Day. Against Me! opened, which would have made it decent. But if he dropped good money to listen to a pop band that claims to be punk (and may have been good when i was 16) then his opinions on music can be ommitted. Especially considering he thinks Against Me! sounds like AC/DC. i dont even know what to say about that

    Secondly, Billie Joe Armstrong WAS NEVER IN RANCID. He cowrote one song, "Radio" with them and played ONE show as a guitarist. He was asked to join as a second guitar player but declined, and this is when Lars joined the band. I am not a huge punk rock fan, but facts are easy to find.

    Against Me! are pretty awesome. Very raw, very powerful. I head them the first time live, as they opened for another band i went to see, and was blown away by them.
  • Kamran from London, United KingdomI really love the acoustic version of unsubstantiated rumours are good enought on the album as the eternal cowboy (i think). No one else seems to know of it thought, im sure some of you guys do. Also Turn those clapping hands is my fav song to be angry to, its a great 'f--k U' song that to me is about the socialy 'accpetable' rules that people follow
  • Dennis from Hicksville, NyBilly joe armstrong was the lead singer for rancid back in the day.
  • Nickelly from Plainview, Nyim like chuck from new york
    against me! has been influential in my life ever since my wee years....even though im not that old ive been listening to against me since the beginning when "vivida vis"(mixtape that wasnt mass produced) was made
    against me has been there at my all time hi and lows and to disrespect a band that means so much to alot of people is disgracing yourself.
    and firstly if you subtracted the good from ac/dc you would have nothing left and against me is an extremely successful band today

    back in the day i got a chance to meet tom gabel at a concert and he was one of the nicest guys i ever met....very respectful and bill your obviously not

    actually bill if your such a critic why dont you make a better band if they suck so much?
    and the best song is You Look Like I Need A Drink

    "mabye this scam will stil save us all"
  • Dean from Prince Albert, SkCaught Against Me! opening for Foo Fighters. They are one of the most kick ass live bands out there, and New Wave is a solid CD. Boston Billy, as it has been pointed out, is an idiot. Quite possibly a 14 year old queer, but who can tell. To put down AC/DC and Against Me! and to praise up Green Day shows you have zero taste or credibility. Many :) to Chuck in Onieda. You summed it up, 420 brother!
  • Juanchito from Rialto, CaBefore New Wave, I had never heard about Against Me! Their new cd is great. I like it a lot, but now that I have had the chance to listen to some of their previous material, the only thing I can say is Billy you suck and I wish I was at that same concert you were at.
  • Matt from Sarasota, FlAgainst me! is an amzing new sounding kind of folk/punk. Don't ever compare them to a bunch of 70s rockers like AC/DC. By the way Billy Green Day are fake poser punks. They fell to the hands of the industry run by toolbags like Rick Rubin. Get a good taste of music and get to know a band before you talk about them.
  • Jill from Dumfries, Vai have seen against me! 7 times, met all of them.
    i am a huge fan, if anything, you're thinking of green day sucking!
    this song is great on Reinventing Axl Rose, and on the Acoustic EP.
    you suck billy. and so does your taste in music.
  • Marcu from Winter Park, FlBilly of Boston. you are an idiot. This sing is awsome and even better live.
  • Scott from Kamloops, CanadaYes Billy really dropped the ball on that comment. And Chuck, Billy Joel is not the lead singer for Rancid thats Tim armstrong.
  • Kelsey from Evansville, InBilly, Boston, MA this is to you...You are so tottally wrong! Honestly they sound nothing like AC/DC. Its sad when you cant even compare them to a band that sounds like them...because there are none so you settle for AC/DC? Why would you look them up anyway if you didnt like them and only wanted to make false post on them?
  • Chuck from Oneida, NyWell i just registered specifically to respond to billy's comment which is tottaly ridicolous.. Against me! Are by far the best lyrical band and the vocals own billy joel armostrongs (lead singer of rancid for the ones who didnt know) and anytime of day you might think your a hardcore punk rocker for listening to greenday well let me tell you Greenday is one of the most overrated bands ever they suck live they suck on record they suck everywhere... and all the agianst me fans who actually listen to the lyrics know and will always love em so i suggest you listen or pay attention to the music you listen to because sometimes its not about how goodthey play or how many fans they have but the message they want to get across.. think about it hit me back thanks for readin this :) - chuck 420 :)
  • Hannah from Palm Springs, CaI'm not much of a punk rocker, but i love Against Me! Check out Cavalier Eternal,Sink.Florida.Sink, Jordan's 1st Choice, Baby I'm An Anarchist,8 Full Hours Of Sleep,How Low,and Don't Lose Touch. Some of my favorites.
  • Billy from Boston, MaThis Band opened at a Green Day concert. They Sucked!!!!! The sounded like AC/DC except subtract good from AC/DC and you get these guys.
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