Album: Jarreau (1983)
Charted: 28 21


  • Originally an instrumental by David Foster and Jay Graydon on Foster's 1983 The Best of Me album, this was a chart hit for Al Jarreau. Graydon wrote and produced many of Jarreau's hits and is also known for his work with The Manhattan Transfer and Dionne Warwick. He and Foster also wrote "After The Love Has Gone," which was a hit for Earth, Wind & Fire.
  • Sample lyrics to this song: "Mornin' Mr. Radio, Mornin' little Cheerios, Mornin' Sister Oriole." Says Graydon: "The lyrics are totally lame. It's typical Al Jarreau. David Foster and I basically wrote the track, the melody and all the chord changes, and David released it on an instrumental album that he did in Japan. I took the song to Al and I said, 'Man, this is perfect for you, we gotta record this.' Al Jarreau is a terrible lyricist. He's awful. When it's time for the big payoff everything turns into candy. It's like in 'Breakin' Away': 'Show me some climbing boots, show me some parachutes,' what are you talking about, man?"
  • Graydon is an accomplished guitarist who played the solo on Steely Dan's "Peg." Here, he used a single-note muted guitar technique. Says Graydon: "If I was hired to play rhythm, and I didn't play chords, it would be a single note thing. The best example is 'Mornin'.' That's also a harmonized part. And it's actually four parts. Well, it's two parts, but they're doubled. Meaning I play the top part, and then I played it again on another track, put it in stereo, and then played the lower part, and then played it again on another track, and split it in stereo. On the JaR album, there's a song called 'Make Somebody' that will give the example of how the muted guitar part thing works." (read more in our interview with Jay Graydon)

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  • Music Lover from CaliforniaI like the lyrics to this song. Nothing lame or corny here. Just a song that makes me smile.
  • Sheila from Austin TxThis is one the happiest song I've ever heard. i remember how it made me feel back when it was released,and i still get the same feeling today when i play takes away all the ugliness of the world today.
  • Sabrina from Corvallis, OrCorny lyrics? HUMPH! Ok, maybe there are but so what? This is an upbeat song and I can't help but smile whenever I hear it! "Mornin'" is a song that takes me back to the days of when I was a young wife and mother living 'the dream" in sunny SoCal and all seemed right with my world! Heck, even nowadays I think it's a great song to put on in mornings to hear on the way to work...puts ya in a good mood :)
  • Kathy from New Orleans, LaThis song fills me with happiness, positive emotions. Who cares is the lyrics are a little silly ! sometimes happiness does that.
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