The Loneliest Place On The Map

Album: Sparks of Ancient Light (2008)
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  • In a November 2008 interview with Simon Barrett, Al said this song was about Queen Dido, but he kept reworking it and the emphasis changed. "Songs are fluid, songs should not be constrained, and songs should grow and change over time. Once you record it though, it is cast in stone. There are several songs that I play regularly, and when I play them I want to put my other words in. In fact when I am on stage I sometimes have to catch myself mid song, and force my other lyrics from my mind," he said.

    Queen Dido was the first Queen and in fact the founder of Carthage, but this is a song about modern times. Running to around 3 minutes 33 seconds, the big question is where is this place, perhaps some deserted French colony, or maybe some place in the nethermost reaches of the writer's mind? >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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