Jim and Jack and Hank

Album: Angels and Alcohol (2015)
  • This uptempo tune gives a humorous twist on a breakup. Jackson wrote the track solo, one of seven songs that he penned for Angels and Alcohol. "When I got started on Music Row, I would write with different writers," he told Billboard magazine. "Then, once my career took off, I was gone all the time - playing a couple hundred shows a year. You weren't home long enough to wash your clothes. I ended up writing a lot by myself, and it just kind of stayed that way."
  • Alan Jackson explained the song's meaning: "It's a fun little up-tempo tune about the same ole story," he said. "Girl leaves guy and this time he's not going to be heartbroken. He says, 'Just go out the door and take all your junk and everything. I don't need anything. I got all I need. I got my friends - Jim, Jack and Hank - Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Hank Williams, Sr. or Jr. or both."
  • Asked about his favorite between friends Jim and Jack, Jackson replied: "I've had them all, but I've always kind of stood by Jack Daniels."

    He added wryly smiling, "He's helped me through a lot of good and bad times. Helped me write a lot of songs. So he's a good friend."


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