Up All Night

Album: The Lateness Of The Hour (2011)


  • Alex Clare is a British singer-songwriter from Golders Green, London. This punk-rock thrasher is the first single from his debut album with Island Records, The Lateness Of The Hour. It was written during writing sessions with producers Diplo & Switch (responsible for the Jamaican dancehall project Major Lazer and M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" among many others). "They understand what I want from the arrangements," said Clare. "I love those heavy, sine-wave bass lines and they knew how to push them way beyond even my expectations."
  • According to Clare, this song is "about going on a bender."
  • The song's music video is a strange one featuring a disheveled bearded man and a bikini-clad girl coughing up water. "It's about sleepwalking," explained Clare to The Guardian. "It's about people waking up in a strange place and not realizing how they got there."

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  • Ricia from Humble, TxDamn, I thought it was about being high on drugs all night! I would have never guessed sleepwalking - he must do that. My niece used to sleepwalk and go in the cabinets, get food and go in her room. That sh!t is creepy and you're not suppose to disturb them while they're doing it or they'll spaz out. =|
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