Broken Heels

Album: Overcome (2009)
Charted: 8
  • This call to arms for women turns the schoolyard taunt of "Anything you can do, I can do better" into a catchy refrain.
  • This vintage Soul number was co-written and produced by Lady Gaga's collaborator RedOne. Burke told Pop Justice about working with the Moroccan/Swedish hitmaker: "I've got to say, Red was the one that basically got my personality out first. Then everything else slipped into place like a puzzle. Red really started it off for me. He had songs already ready for me, right? And then I walked in, and he met me, and he was like, 'scrap every song we've just prepared for you, we're going to start from scratch, because you're not the person I thought you would be.' So then he wrote according to my personality."
  • Burke told the Metro newspaper December 7, 2009: "It's very girl empowering. It's more about girl power, no disrespect to fellas and all that but I thought it was cool to do a song about what men do but we can do better. We did the song from scratch based on my personality. This song means a lot to me."
  • Burke said of the video to Metro: "We have taken it up a notch [from "Bad Boys"]. It was scary to go that side. We showed a bit of skin but it was fun. I was comfortable with it, though, it was done very tastefully. I wanted to make sure this video was different and I wanted to make sure it wasn't a load of girls who are, in the press's eyes, perfect. I have some plus-sized girls in there. They are hot too. We are all working it. It is going to show people that no matter what your shape, colour, size, whatever you are, you are still beautiful."
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