A Looking in View

Album: Black Gives Way to Blue (2009)


  • This was the lead track from Black Gives Way to Blue, the Seattle act's first album featuring vocalist William DuVall.
  • Vocalist/guitarist Jerry Cantrell said: "The song basically speaks to any number of things that keep you balled up inside. A cell of our own making with an unlocked door that we choose to remain in. Focusing our attention inward instead of reaching out to a much larger world. I think this is common to us all. It's funny how hard we fight to hang on to a bone we can't pull through a hole in the fence, or how difficult it is to put down the bag of bricks and move on."
  • When this song debuted on the Mainstream Rock airplay chart in July 2009, it became Alice In Chain's first entry since a live version of its introductory track "Man In The Box" reached #40 on the first chart of 2001.
  • Cantrell told The Pulse of Radio: "The song is generally about how easy it is to remain in a bad groove (laughs), you know, remain in a bad rut. The most difficult and at the same time easy thing is just to step out of it, you know what I mean? It's like being in a cell that you're locked in, with a door that's not locked. That could be anything, you know. It could be any sort of behavioral or thought process that keeps you there and basically keeps you from growing."
  • Ultimate-Guitar.com asked vocalist William DuVall to comment on this song. He replied: "We thought that was a good one because it immediately sort of throws down a gauntlet: 'Here's a seven minute-plus hunk of metal to chew on – take that!' That's kind of how we looked at it. This is gonna sorta separate the wheat from the chaff as it were in terms of who's with us and who isn't. It's a real sort of test of endurance to play the thing and I think it also, as I say, you're definitely not going for radio friendly when you choose that as your opening salvo. It just kind of made what we thought was a cool statement that reflected our mind set. Like, 'Here it is; it's about as undiluted as you can get. And if you guys dig this, then you're liable to kind of be in for the ride, you know?' And what's interesting about it is we really figured radio is not gonna touch that. And sure enough the thing went Top 15 or Top 10 like Active Rock in America; stations all over the nation were playing the thing. No edit and no call for an edit; if anybody had asked, we would have refused (laughs). You know? And it got such a great reception and we see people sing along to it every night."

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  • Aaron from Outer SpaceAIC has moved on, obviously being they have DuVall as lead singer. There is no way they can sound like old AIC being Layne is no longer here. Although Jerry still carries the torch it is impossible in every aspect to replicate the old AIC.
  • Kenny from Remsenburg, NyLove this song, it reminds me of Bleach-era Nirvana.
  • Nobody\'s Business from Nobody\\\'s Concern, OhIm not here to start an argument i just thought if you had as much talent as aic that 14 yrs would be enough time to write some stuff like they did in the beginning. Layne has been dead for 7 yrs and they give him a 3 min song. Jerry sings more than duvall. I know jerry sang alot with layne but how am i supposed to know how good of a singer duvall is if jerry is singing everything? the songs on a looking in view are okayy but looking at the lyrics and stuff its just not the same as it was when they was with layne. RIP Layne and AIC is still the greatest band ever
  • Adam from Indy, InI first heard this song in concert at X-Fest. I wasn't sure about it at first but after listening to it another time it has since become one of my favorite AIC songs.
    As far as the comment that this song lacks emotion, yeah right. AIC still sounds great, and if anything they'll gain more fans not loose them. Several of my friends are AIC fans and none of them agree with the ill-thought out comment that "ppl are going to go back and look at your nineties work and look at the stuff aic is putting out now and it's not going to be pretty" ....ummmmm ok...
  • Nobody's Business from Nobody\'s Concern, OhThe AIC with Duvall can't come close to AIC with Layne and they should move on without Layne but plz make some music that makes sense and has emotion put into it, layne put emotion into his music and it was good but Duvall needs to prove himself just cuz you're friends wit cantrell dont mean the albums going to be good the music has to be good or aic is going to loose fans, cuz ppl are going to go back and look at your nineties work and look at the stuff aic is putting out now and its not going to be pretty
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