Album: As I Am (2007)
Charted: 82
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  • Alicia Keys told the New York Times September 9, 2007 that this song is a reminder, to herself, that "even when I'm out, and I'm just a mess, and I'm not perfect, and everything's not great, and I'm struggling to figure out what is what, I'm still a superwoman."
  • Alicia Keys explained to Ebony Magazine November 2007 what she meant by the term Superwoman: "A Superwoman is a woman who has incredible dreams, incredible ambitions, all the things she wants to do, but she also knows how to take care of herself."
  • Keys told Billboard magazine: "This album (As I Am) really has taught me so much about myself, and every day I'm learning more and more. The beauty of 'Superwoman' is that it's not about being all-powerful and being perfect, 'cause no one is. It's about perfection in our weaknesses and perfection in our imperfection, that we can still keep going and we can still learn and still remain strong. Even when we're feeling weak, we can still be superwomen - and supermen. I love what that says about all that I've learned this year."
  • In an interview with The Mail on Sunday May 23, 2010, Keys said that she made an expensive mistake when recording this song. She explained: "I remember I had this idea for strings and horns on my song Superwoman. We got together 16 string players and eight horns, recorded it and had it sounding beautiful. I left the session thinking, 'Wow, that was fantastic!' But later when I heard the track back, I hated it. I'd spent a lot of money and I couldn't use it. Usually you overdo it, because you have a massive vision in your head. But most of the time I find the simpler the better."
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